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Advocacy News / May 22, 2024
Rosenworcel Proposes AI Disclosure for Political Ads on TV & Radio
(FCC) Chairwoman Rosenworcel Unveils First Step in New AI Transparency Effort to Disclose AI-Generated Content in Political Ads on TV and...
Advocacy News / May 17, 2024
Geotargeting Rule Change Takes Effect
(Radio World) This is the decision that effectively allows FM broadcasters in the United States to begin implementing ZoneCasting, the controversial...
Advocacy News / April 17, 2024
Senate Appears Poised To Let AM Radio Bill Move Forward
(Inside Radio) The 60 cosponsors number won’t be official until it is documented with the Senate clerk, which could happen within the next couple of...
FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr
Advocacy News / April 15, 2024
Carr Fact Checks Title II Claims
(FCC) Later this month, on April 25, the FCC will vote on President Biden’s 435-page plan for further expanding government control of the...
Advocacy News / March 15, 2024
Copyright Royalty Board Gives Supreme Court No Input In Religious Station Streaming Rates Challenge
(Inside Radio) Religious broadcasters have asked the Supreme Court to overturn the rates set by the CRB, alleging they are violating the Freedom...
Advocacy News / February 1, 2024
White Paper Outlines Potential FCC Reforms
(Radio World) Any station that has received a letter of inquiry or notice of apparent liability from FCC knows the potential risks that come from...
Advocacy News / February 1, 2024
FCC Revives Radio’s FM Geo-Targeting Debate
(Radio Ink) The Commissioners highlighted their approval, saying that geo-targeting could significantly benefit small businesses and community...
Advocacy News / January 24, 2024
Copyright Royalty Board Issues Correction of Deadline to File Petitions to Participate in New Proceeding to Set Webcasting Royalty Rates for 2026-2030, and Issues Notices of Audits of Webcasters
(Broadcast Law Blog) The Copyright Royalty Board has published in the Federal Register a correction to its notice announcing the commencement of the...
Advocacy News / January 19, 2024
MLC Conducts First-Ever Audit Of Streaming Companies
(Inside Radio) For the most part, radio has been on the sidelines. But as the MLC announces its first-ever list of streamers being audited, there’s...
Advocacy News / January 8, 2024
Copyright Royalty Board Starts WEB VI Proceeding to Set Webcasting Royalties Paid to SoundExchange for 2026-2030: Petitions to Participate Due February 6
(Broadcast Law Blog) The Copyright Royalty Board on Friday published in the Federal Register a call for interested parties to file Petitions to...
Advocacy News / December 7, 2023
Court Says ASCAP And BMI Rates Will Need To Be Set Before Radio Industry Can Appeal
(Inside Radio) In the latest setback for the radio industry in its effort to have ASCAP and BMI rates set jointly, a federal court in New York has...
Advocacy News / December 5, 2023
CRB Approves Smaller Cost Of Living Rate Hikes On Streaming For 2024
(Inside Radio) The cost of streaming will go up in 2024. The Copyright Royalty Board has announced a four percent cost-of-living adjustment to the...
Advocacy News / November 7, 2023
Carr Opposes Biden’s Internet Plan
(FCC) Carr Opposes President Biden’s Plan to Give the Administrative State Effective Control of all Internet Services and Infrastructure in...
Advocacy News / October 25, 2023
TV Industry Sides With Radio, Telling Court ASCAP And BMI Rate-Settings Should Be Paired
(Inside Radio) The radio industry is getting some legal support in its effort to have the rate-setting cases for ASCAP and BMI united into a single...
Advocacy News / October 19, 2023
AM/FM Top In-Car Audio Choice, Even In Vehicles With CarPlay or Android Auto
(Inside Radio) As more vehicles roll off showroom floors equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, these smartphone-based infotainment systems...
Advocacy News / October 16, 2023
BMI Confirms It’s Talking With Potential Buyers; Artist Payouts Pacing Up 11% In 2023
(Inside Radio) Broadcast Music Inc. has confirmed that it is having discussions about taking on a new financial partner, as reports have surfaced in...
Advocacy News / October 16, 2023
FCC to Vote on Net Neutrality, Emergency Alert Rules on Oct. 19
(TV Tech) The meeting is scheduled to commence at 10:30 a.m. in the Commission Meeting Room of the Federal Communications Commission, 45 L Street,...
Advocacy News / October 12, 2023
Federal Number Crunchers Conclude There’s Small Price To Keep AM Radio In Vehicles
(Inside Radio) In a federal budget that tops $6 trillion, a potential life-saving bill for AM radio would hardly make a ripple in the vast sea of...
Advocacy News / October 3, 2023
SoundExchange Artist Payouts Rise, But So Does The Money Going To Pay Salaries
(Inside Radio) SoundExchange, the collections agent for streaming music royalties, says it paid out $269 million during the second quarter of this...
Advocacy News / September 26, 2023
Carr Agrees with Obama’s Lawyers on Internet Regs
(FCC) Last week, amid reports that the FCC may soon head down the path of applying vast and expansive utility-style controls to the...
Advocacy News / September 20, 2023
Arbitration Will Once Again Decide How Much Radio’s New Deal With SESAC Costs Stations
(Inside Radio) Unlike ASCAP and BMI, Department of Justice consent decrees do not govern the rate-setting process or outcome for SESAC.
Advocacy News / September 19, 2023
RIAA: Revenue Hits Nine-Year High, With Radio Streaming Up 16% To $657 Million
(Inside Radio) Digital and customized radio music revenues – including SoundExchange distributions for revenues from services like SiriusXM and...
Advocacy News / September 6, 2023
As Radio Fights For The Dashboard, AM/FM Leads In Autos
(Radio Ink) When examining audio time spent in Ford vehicles, AM/FM radio accounts for 58% of total in-car listening, three times greater than its...
Advocacy News / August 22, 2023
Radio Enters Auto Lobbyists’ Crosshairs Ahead Of AM Act Autumn
(Radio Ink) The AM for Every Vehicle Act has emerged as a key legislative focus and harbinger of radio’s future as the US Congress prepares to...
Advocacy News / August 18, 2023
RMLC Taking On BMI and ASCAP Separately After Court Loss
Undaunted, the RMLC has filed its intention to separately litigate cases with each organization to keep current radio royalty rates in place until...
Advocacy News / August 17, 2023
Radio Industry Formally Asks Federal Court To Set Both ASCAP And BMI Music Royalty Rates.
(inside Radio) The Radio Music License Committee is still fighting with ASCAP and BMI over whether their new rate agreements are decided jointly or...
Advocacy News / August 16, 2023
SoundExchange Accuses SiriusXM Of ‘Gaming The System,’ Sues For $150M In Unpaid Royalties
(Inside Radio) SoundExchange has sued SiriusXM in federal court claiming the satellite broadcaster has wrongfully withheld more than $150 million in...
Advocacy News / August 7, 2023
Two Rate-Setting Cases Or One? The Battle Between Radio And Songwriters Continues
The Radio Music License Committee has signaled it plans to appeal a federal court decision that said the rate-setting cases for ASCAP and BMI must...
Advocacy News / August 4, 2023
AM Radio Leaders In Revenue, Audience, And Format
(Inside Radio) The groundswell of support for keeping AM radio in vehicles includes the bi-partisan backing of politicians in Washington, DC,...
Advocacy News / July 7, 2023
CRB Sets Noncommercial Royalty Rates, Including GMR For The First Time
(Inside Radio) The Copyright Royalty Board has upheld the proposed music licensing rates for noncommercial broadcasters that it first released in...
Advocacy News / July 6, 2023
TV Station Licensees: Don’t Forget the October 1st Deadline for Uploading Election of Cable TV/Satellite Status
(CommLawBlog) Under the FCC’s rules, for full power and certain Class A/Low Power commercial TV stations, there is a three-year cycle for electing...
Advocacy News / July 5, 2023
Supreme Court Decision Shouldn’t Allow Radio To Delay Royalty Rate-Setting, Says BMI
(Inside Radio) Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) attorneys are asking a federal judge in New York to reject a move by the Radio Music License Committee to...
Advocacy News / June 30, 2023
Multi-State Coalition Presses EV Makers To Keep AM In The Dash
(Inside Radio) The group, which includes 16 states, sent a letter to the Electric Drive Transportation Association and the Zero Emission...
Advocacy News / June 28, 2023
Supreme Court Decision May Help Radio Halt Pending ASCAP–BMI Rate-Setting Appeal
(Inside Radio) The Radio Music Licensing Committee has asked a district court to hold off on moving forward with the rate-setting process until its...
Advocacy News / June 28, 2023
musicFIRST Coalition Doubles Down on Calls for Terrestrial Radio Royalties as House Hearing Gauges the Music Modernization Act’s Effectiveness
(Digital Music News) As its title suggests, the hearing was designed to analyze the effectiveness of (and potential areas of improvement within) the...
Advocacy News / June 22, 2023
FCC Will Open a New Window for LPFMs
(Radio World) The FCC Media Bureau today announced a filing window for applications for new LPFM construction permits. It will be open Nov. 1 to...
Advocacy News / June 21, 2023
Radio Station Owner Says FCC’s AM Fees High When Compared to FM
(Radio World) Even though the FCC is proposing lower regulatory fees for U.S. radio broadcasters this year, the part owner of a Pennsylvania AM...
Advocacy News / June 15, 2023
Two-Day Washington Blitz Backing AM In Dashboards Is Said To Find Receptive Audience
(Inside Radio) The focus was on getting lawmakers to support the AM for Every Vehicle Act that would require carmakers to maintain AM broadcast...
Advocacy News / June 9, 2023
BMI Calls Radio Effort To Delay Rate-Setting ‘Unreasonable’ And Asks Judge To Press On
(Inside Radio) Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) is asking a federal court in New York to move forward with the royalty rate-setting proceeding for its...
Advocacy News / April 5, 2023
A Senator Asked Automakers To Keep AM Radio In Cars. Here’s How They Responded
(Inside Radio) Eight automakers say they have yanked AM radio out of the dashboard for some of their models, mostly in the fast-growing electric...
Advocacy News / April 5, 2023
Here We Go Again? Frontier Communications Drops Newsmax
(Newsmax) “Our contract with Newsmax TV expired and we made the business decision not to renew our agreement,” Frontier said in a...
Advocacy News / March 30, 2023
Court Issues Ruling In BMI v. Live Nation Dispute
(Radio Ink) As lawmakers investigate Live Nation over high ticket fees and surcharges, the event promoter and venue operator has taken a loss in...
Advocacy News / March 24, 2023
Salem Fears Doom for Religious Radio if FCC Kills Subcaps
(Radio World) Salem Media Group says if the FCC goes down the path of eliminating AM/FM subcaps, then the rush by broadcasters to the FM band and...
Advocacy News / March 21, 2023
Former FEMA Execs Push To Save AM Radio in EV’s
(Radio Ink) Former FEMA Head Craig Fugate, who’s always been a proponent of local radio, has signed a letter, along with other former FEMA...
Advocacy News / March 16, 2023
A Dozen More House Members Add Support For Anti-Royalty LRFA
(Inside Radio) Two weeks after hundreds of broadcasters fanned out across Washington for the NAB State Leadership Conference, the number of...
Advocacy News / March 2, 2023
Bill to make daylight saving time permanent reintroduced in Congress
(The Hill) Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who introduced the Sunshine Protection Act last year, filed a bill on Wednesday that would make daylight...
Advocacy News / February 28, 2023
Community Radio Coalition Voices Support For Royalty Bill
(Inside Radio) The group consists of the Alliance for Community Media, Common Frequency, Media Alliance, the National Federation of Community...
Advocacy News / February 23, 2023
Radio’s Unanimous Message To Congress: Don’t Pass Royalty Bill For On-Air Music Use
(Inside Radio) The radio industry is speaking with a unified voice once again when it comes to pushing back against a proposal to create a...
Advocacy News / February 13, 2023
Democrats Seek to Reregulate Cable Franchise Fees — Again
(Next TV) The Protecting Community Television Act would “clarify” that the 5% cap on a cable franchise fee applies only to monetary “assessments”...
Advocacy News / February 3, 2023
Music Industry Tries Again, Hoping New Congress Will Solve Old Radio Royalty Standoff
(Inside Radio) Despite the failure of previous efforts to change federal copyright laws and require royalties to be paid on AM/FM airplay, the music...
Advocacy News / January 27, 2023
Noncommercial And College Radio Will Pay More To Songwriters Under CRB Decision
(Inside Radio) The outcome will govern how much stations will pay songwriters to use their music from Jan. 1, 2023 through Dec. 31,...
Advocacy News / January 26, 2023
An Overview of the Hot Policy Topics in Music Licensing
(Broadcast Law Blog) Royalties paid for the use of music by broadcasters and digital media companies, and other issues about music rights, can be an...
Advocacy News / January 9, 2023
January Online Public File Deadlines Extended to January 31
(CommLawCenter) The FCC released a Public Notice today announcing that the OPIF filing system has been experiencing technical difficulties since at...
Advocacy News / January 6, 2023
EAS Test Reporting System Form One Due by February 28, 2023
(CommLawCenter) Under the FCC’s EAS Rules, EAS participants must update their identifying information annually via a Form One filing
Advocacy News / January 6, 2023
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for January Open Meeting
(FCC) FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the items tentatively on the agenda for the January Open Commission Meeting scheduled for...
Advocacy News / January 5, 2023
What’s Coming in Broadcast Regulation in 2023 From the FCC
(Broadcast Law Blog) It’s a new year, and it’s time to look ahead at what Washington may have in store for broadcasters this year.
Advocacy News / January 5, 2023
What’s Coming in Broadcast Regulation in 2023 From the FCC
(Broadcast Law Blog) It’s a new year, and it’s time to look ahead at what Washington may have in store for broadcasters this year.
Advocacy News / January 4, 2023
Rep. McMorris Rodgers Highlights Big Tech Accountability Agenda
(Multichannel News) No big surprise since reining in edge providers was a bipartisan focus in the last Congress, though how to do it and why it was...
Advocacy News / January 4, 2023
Chairwoman Rosenworcel on FCC Commissioner Nomination
(FCC) FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel issued a statement at the start of the 118th Congress as President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn to serve as a...
Advocacy News / January 4, 2023
Gigi Sohn Is Renominated By President Biden For A Seat On The FCC
(Inside Radio) The conclusion of the previous Congress also brought an end to the nomination of Gigi Sohn to serve on the Federal Communications...
Advocacy News / January 3, 2023
Communications Marketplace Report
(FCC) The 2022 Communications Marketplace Report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of communications marketplace.
Advocacy News / December 29, 2022
Upcoming Deadlines
(Commlawblog, Fletcher Heald & Hildreth) It is that time of year when we start to fill out upcoming deadlines in our new calendars.
Advocacy News / December 27, 2022
LPTV protections approved in US Senate
(TV Tech) U.S. Senators Roy Blunt (Mo.) and Ron Wyden (Ore.) introduced Low Power Protection Act to strengthen spectrum rights for certain low power...
Advocacy News / December 22, 2022
FCC’s Media Bureau Opens Review of Media Ownership Rules
(TVTech) FCC noted that the Commission has not yet adopted final rules in the 2018 Quadrennial Review, which has been delayed by extensive...
Advocacy News / December 22, 2022
Senate Approves Targeted Class-A Application Window for Low-Power TV Stations
(Broadcast & Cable) LPTVs haven’t been able to apply to the Federal Communications Commission for such status since 1999.
Advocacy News / December 19, 2022
Radio And SoundExchange Sing Similar Tune In Court: CRB Rates Should Be Tossed Out
(Inside Radio) Broadcasters and SoundExchange may not agree on how much radio stations should pay for using music in webcasts, but they can agree on...
Advocacy News / December 14, 2022
Sen. Hollen Adds to Growing List of ZoneCasting Concerns
(Radio World) The debate surrounding GeoBroadcast Solutions’ proposal involving its geo-targeting technology continues, with Sen. Van Hollen (MD)...
Advocacy News / December 14, 2022
Senator Markey and Commissioner Simington Weigh in on the Future of AM Radio
(Broadcast Law Blog) In the last few weeks, a Democratic Senator and a Republican FCC Commissioner have both expressed support for the future of AM...
Advocacy News / December 13, 2022
FCC Warns Broadcasters of Specific Cybersecurity Flaw in One EAS Provider’s Equipment
(Broadcast Law Blog) The fear is that this security flaw can allow bad actors to access not only to the EAS system but, if that system is connected...
Advocacy News / December 13, 2022
Broadcasters, Listeners Push Back On Removing AM Radio From Some Cars, Trucks
(Inside Radio) The matter of automakers removing AM radios from electric vehicles continues to garner national attention following Senator Ed Markey...
Advocacy News / December 8, 2022
Radio Royalty Bill Moves Forward, But Congress Hopes To Find Compromise In 2023
(Inside Radio) Despite a recognition that the odds are slim that a bill to mandate a performance royalty on radio will make it through Congress...
Advocacy News / December 6, 2022
FCC National Broadband Map
(FCC) Check the new map on where internet service is available and help improve it by submitting challenges.
Advocacy News / December 6, 2022
House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to Consider American Music Fairness Act
(Broadcast Law Blog) On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee will be holding a “mark-up session” (see this notice of the session) where they...
Advocacy News / December 2, 2022
Senator Pushes Carmakers To Keep AM Radio In Dash As Matter Of Public Safety
(Inside Radio) Amid reports some automakers are considering dropping AM radio from their increasingly digitalized dashboards, there is what could be...
Advocacy News / December 1, 2022
The Lame Duck Was Supposed To Be Gigi Sohn’s Opening To The FCC. Now That’s In Doubt
(Inside Radio) The lame duck session of Congress has been seen as a potential opening for the Senate to approve the long-pending nomination of Gigi...
Advocacy News / December 1, 2022
House Republicans Poised to Investigate Big Tech’s Social Media Censorship, Ties to Biden Admin
(Washington Times) Top targets for investigation include: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, TikTok and YouTube, according to a source...
Advocacy News / November 28, 2022
Your Guide to the Required EAS Changes
(Radio World) In recent weeks, Radio World has continuously reported on the new FCC mandate that requires EAS participants to comply with its recent...
Advocacy News / November 21, 2022
Nathan Simington Says FCC’s AM Revitalization Work Is Far From Done
(Inside Radio) Simington also pushed back against the idea that AM radio is a “dead technology” and its spectrum should be reallocated to new...
Advocacy News / November 17, 2022
Senator Markey, Rep. Eshoo Introduce Legislation to Improve Video Accessibility
(TV Technology) Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Representative Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18) have introduced the Communications, Video, and...
Advocacy News / November 15, 2022
FCC Chief Rosenworcel Open to Beefing Up Agency’s Power Over Retrans Disputes
(Next TV) FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel has told Congress she would welcome the chance to work with it to better protect consumers during...
Advocacy News / November 15, 2022
Google Settles Location-Tracking Case for $400 Million
(Next TV) An investigation found that Google had not notified users that location tracking was automatic for web and app activity — on Google Maps,...
Advocacy News / November 4, 2022
Media Bureau Developing Recommendations On Zonecasting, FCC Chair Says
(Inside Radio) The Federal Communications Commission does not appear much closer to making a decision on GeoBroadcast Solutions’ proposal that FM...
Advocacy News / November 3, 2022
FCC Takes Next Step to Enable Faster, Better Wi-Fi
(FCC) FCC Approves 6 GHz Automated Frequency Coordination Systems to Progress Toward Testing Phase.
Advocacy News / November 2, 2022
FCC’s Public File System Experiences Difficulties, Raises Concerns
(Radio World) Just as political ad spending is hitting all-time highs — political ad tracking firm AdImpact says preliminary data shows political ad...
Advocacy News / October 31, 2022
FCC to Examine 12.7 GHz Band for Next-Gen Wireless
(FCC) The NOI explores repurposing up to 550 megahertz of mid-band spectrum in the 12.7 to 13.25 GHz band for next generation services. The Order...
Advocacy News / October 20, 2022
Texas Sues Google for Collecting and Using Texans’ Biometric Data Without Explicit Consent
(CNET) Google was hit with a lawsuit in Texas Thursday, as state Attorney General Ken Paxton alleged that Google collected millions of Texans’...
Advocacy News / October 20, 2022
FCC Denies Broadband Data-Confidentiality Requests
(Next TV) The FCC is definitely not going to give broadband providers’ data-collection methodology confidential treatment unless they come up with...
Advocacy News / October 18, 2022
Rosenworcel on Legislation to Require Foreign Government Disclosures
(FCC) Rosenworcel Expresses Support for Identifying Propaganda on Our Airwaves Act.
Advocacy News / October 13, 2022
With A Flip To For-Profit, BMI Adapts To ‘Changing Environment.’
(Inside Radio) With the announced transformation of BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) to a for-profit business model following more than 80 years as...
Advocacy News / October 5, 2022
FCC Is Updating MVPD Online Filing Process
(Multichannel News) The new system will become operational October 18, the bureau says, but the migration will take about a week, so starting Oct....
Advocacy News / October 5, 2022
White House Unveils AI Bill of Rights
(Multichannel News) The White House is framing the issue as one of civil rights in a digital age, in the process painting a damning picture of...
Advocacy News / September 29, 2022
FCC Proposes to Eliminate Obsolete Analog TV Rules
FCC Proposes Updates To Part 73 Rules To Reflect Completion Of The Digital Transition
Advocacy News / September 27, 2022
FCC to Drop “Persistent Alerts” Idea
All signs point to the FCC this week giving the go ahead and updating EAS rules to improve accessibility for those with disabilities, including...
Advocacy News / September 22, 2022
FCC Proposes Fines for Violations of Children’s TV Programming Rules
The FCC finds that 21 broadcast television licensees apparently willfully and repeatedly violated rules limiting commercial matter in...
Advocacy News / September 15, 2022
FCC Extends Streamlined Regulatory Fee Waiver Process
The FCC has decided to extend its COVID-19-related financial hardship waiver process for its regulatory fees.
Advocacy News / September 14, 2022
Fifteenth Annual Federal Trade Commission Microeconomics Conference
Our Topics library provides one-stop collections of materials on numerous issues in which the FTC has been actively engaged. These pages are...
Advocacy News / September 14, 2022
Here’s What You Need To Get Annual FCC Fee Reductions And Waivers
It also kept in place several pandemic relief measures, making it easier for companies to apply for waivers, reductions or deferrals on financial...
Advocacy News / September 13, 2022
Radio Is Key Component To Homeland Security’s EMP National Public Warning System
The Department of Homeland Security says Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) energy, either from natural sources like major solar storms, or potential...
Advocacy News / September 12, 2022
FCC proposes ‘five-year rule’ for dead satellite disposal
As things stand, voluntary NASA guidelines published in the 1990s recommend that dead satellites should be deorbited within 25 years.
Advocacy News / September 9, 2022
FCC Relying On New System To Collect Stations’ Annual Fees In 2022
  It is the first time CORES will be used to pay annual fees after the FCC discontinued use of its Fee Filer system last December.
Advocacy News / September 7, 2022
Effort To Help Broadcasters Negotiate With Big Tech Slammed By Advocacy Groups
The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (S. 673) would allow news publishers and broadcast news operations with fewer than 1,500 exclusive...
Advocacy News / September 6, 2022
Stations Will Pay More In FCC Fees, But Not As Much As First Proposed
The Commission did, however, accept one piece of the industry’s argument, and that has led to a fee recalculation.
Advocacy News / September 6, 2022
FCC Won’t Collect Fees from Big Tech
That came in a report and order Friday (Sept. 2) adopting a fee schedule to collect $381,950,000 in regulatory fees, which Congress requires, for FY...
Advocacy News / September 1, 2022
FCC Announces Nearly $800 Million in RDOF Funding for Broadband
FCC Announces Nearly $800 Million For Broadband Through The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund
Advocacy News / August 31, 2022
No National EAS Test This Year, But FCC Will Test Wireless Alert Geotargeting Next Month
The Federal Emergency Management Agency in May dropped a surprise on broadcasters: there will be no national test of the Emergency Alert System this...
Advocacy News / August 30, 2022
Music Industry Vows To Fight On After Broadcasters Hit Milestone In Battle Against Royalty
The radio industry scored a symbolic, yet potentially significant, victory in Washington Monday as lobbying efforts have led to the addition of 20...
Advocacy News / August 24, 2022
Report: FCC Standing Firm On Its 13% Annual Fee Hike For Radio Stations
Time is running out for the Commission to adopt the order. Broadcaster are required to pay their annual fees before the new fiscal year begins on...
Advocacy News / July 28, 2022
Congressional Democrats Prepare to Introduce Net Neutrality Bill
Senate and House Democrats are set to introduce a bill to reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules and to give the FCC authority over broadband...
Advocacy News / July 21, 2022
Federal Judge Puts Hold On RMLC’s Legal Maneuver In ASCAP And BMI Rate-Setting
The radio industry has been dealt a setback in its effort to rework how the federal courts determine how much stations pay to ASCAP and BMI in...
Advocacy News / July 20, 2022
Copyright Royalty Board Has A New Chief Judge With Radio Experience
A one-time staff attorney at NPR has been named the chief judge of the Copyright Royalty Board. Judge David P. Shaw has been selected to lead the...
Advocacy News / July 18, 2022
Sen. Ed Markey Has a New Net Neutrality Bill in the Works
Sens. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) are introducing a bill that would reclassify internet service providers under Title II of the...
Advocacy News / July 13, 2022
BMI Asks Court To Rule On Radio Effort To Combine Royalty Rate-Setting Into One Proceeding
Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) is petitioning a federal court in New York to implement a stay on the radio industry’s suit seeking to combine the...
Advocacy News / July 12, 2022
BMI files legal arguments against a combined radio royalty rate court hearing with ASCAP
US collecting society BMI has filed court papers seeking a ruling that confirms that the American radio industry cannot force a single rate court...
Advocacy News / July 5, 2022
Copyright Royalty Board Awards 15.1% Streaming Royalties In Songwriter, Publisher Boon
The BOARD had previously announced in JANUARY 2018 its intention to raise songwriter/ publisher royalty rates for streaming and other mechanical...
Advocacy News / July 5, 2022
Supreme Court Deals Blow to Net Neutrality Rule Fans
The Biden Administration’s loss in a Supreme Court ruling involving the EPA’s ability to regulate power plants could be a victory for...
Advocacy News / June 17, 2022
Beware the FCC’s New Big Tech Enrichment Plan | Opinion
The concern arises from a decade-old proposal, called zonecasting, which has sat on the FCC’s desk since the Obama administration.
Advocacy News / June 16, 2022
RMLC Fires First Salvo In Court Battle Over Royalties Paid By Radio To ASCAP and BMI
For years, ASCAP and BMI have sparred over who has the bigger market share of music played on broadcast radio. It’s more than a vanity...
Advocacy News / June 10, 2022
Music Industry’s Willing To Talk, But Says Royalty Deal That Discounts Streaming Rates Is A No-Go
Vulnerable House Democrats have urged their leadership to be laser-focused on only the most important issues that will help them with their...
Advocacy News / May 26, 2022
FTC Charges Twitter with Deceptively Using Account Security Data to Sell Targeted Ads
Twitter asked users to give their phone numbers and email addresses to protect their accounts.
Advocacy News / May 19, 2022
FTC to Hold Virtual Event on Protecting Kids from Stealth Advertising in Digital Media
The Federal Trade Commission will host a virtual event on October 19, 2022, to examine how best to protect children from a growing array of...
Advocacy News / May 16, 2022
Big Tech Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Internet Law
Social media companies are asking the Supreme Court to prevent the enforcement of a Texas law they say prevents online platforms from exercising...
Advocacy News / May 13, 2022
Does the FCC Regulate Internet Content and Companies?
The ability of the FCC to regulate internet content and platforms depends on statutory authority.
Advocacy News / May 9, 2022
Biden’s ‘disinformation board’ should be shut down: FCC Commissioner
FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr slammed the Department of Homeland Security’s new Disinformation Governance Board, calling it “Orwellian”...
Advocacy News / May 9, 2022
As Issues Heat Up In Washington, Broadcasters Spend More On Lobbying
Familiar issues like the radio performance royalty in Congress and media ownership and pirate radio at the FCC are listed.
Advocacy News / April 28, 2022
Commerce Department backs key antitrust bill targeting tech giants
The Commerce Department’s backing adds to the Biden administration’s support behind the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, following a...
Advocacy News / April 28, 2022
Carr Rejects Call for FCC to Block Musk’s Purchase of Twitter
After Twitter accepted Musk’s $44 billion offer Monday, the Open Markets Institute warned that the deal represents a threat to “American...
Advocacy News / April 27, 2022
Extending Daylight Saving Time Could Hurt AM Radio
The idea of making Daylight Saving Time a permanent fixture has been broadly discussed before but when the U.S. Senate adopted a bill to make it the...
Advocacy News / April 12, 2022
Radio Industry Strikes Interim Licensing Deal With BMI
The radio industry’s previous deal covering 2017 to 2021 expired at the end of December, but the interim deal will keep those terms in place for the...
Advocacy News / April 7, 2022
Baseball-Style Arbitration Considered For Bill Allowing Radio To Negotiate With Big Tech
A bill in Congress that would give radio stations and other local media more power when going up against the tech giants is getting an overhaul that...
Advocacy News / March 29, 2022
DOJ endorses antitrust legislation aimed at Big Tech
The Department of Justice sent letters to bipartisan lawmakers on the House and Senate Judiciary committees endorsing antitrust proposals that aim...
Advocacy News / March 28, 2022
SoundExchange Distributes $235 Million
SoundExchange has distributed a total of $235 million during the first quarter of 2022, completing its 150th SoundExchange. It has distributed more...
Advocacy News / March 28, 2022
MusicFirst Lobbies Against Easing Ownership Caps
The musicFirst Coalition says the National Association of Broadcasters is singing one tune about performance royalties but an entirely different one...
Advocacy News / March 24, 2022
Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson: Viewpoint Regulation Is Generally Impermissible
Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson declined to get into the debate over regulating social media using their Section 230 immunity from civil...
Advocacy News / March 23, 2022
LPTV Broadcasters Association Slams “Flawed” Low Power Protection Act
While the NAB applauded the passage of the Low Power Protection Act by the Senate Commerce Committee, the LPTV Broadcasters Association has issued a...
Advocacy News / February 10, 2022
Senate Judiciary Panel Approves EARN It Act
The Senate Judiciary Committee has favorably reported the EARN It Act to the full Senate, but with the agreement to work on some issues as it moves...
Advocacy News / February 7, 2022
FCC Is ‘Cleaning Up’ Of More Radio Rules. Here Is What Will (And Will Not) Change
The modernization of radio’s regulatory rulebook that began under the prior administration continues at the Federal Communications Commission. It is...
Advocacy News / February 7, 2022
Enough Broadcasters Say ‘Yes’ To GMR Deal; Agreement Will End Long-Running Legal Fight
The number of broadcasters that have opted to take the proposed settlement between the Radio Music License Committee and Global Music Rights is not...
Advocacy News / February 2, 2022
Senator’s Stroke Will Keep FCC Deadlocked At Four Members — For Now
The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee was poised to advance the nomination of Gigi Sohn today to fill the remaining seat on the Federal Communications...
Advocacy News / February 2, 2022
Radio’s Message To Congress: Music Industry Is A Missing Dance Partner In Royalty Negotiations
The debate over whether radio should pay royalties for on-air music use will get an airing today in Washington when a hearing is held on the latest...
Advocacy News / January 31, 2022
Decision Time On Pending Deal With GMR, Which Shakes Up How Radio Rates Are Calculated
Today is the deadline for the radio industry to make a collective decision about whether it will end a years-long legal fight with Global Music...
Advocacy News / January 25, 2022
Government demands to remove Twitter content hit record high
Twitter revealed on Tuesday that governments’ requests for content to be removed from the platform hit a record high in the first six months...
Advocacy News / January 25, 2022
FCC Says New Sponsor ID Rules Are About ‘Reasonable Diligence,’ Not Free Speech
A federal appeals court in Washington has more to digest in the radio industry’s effort to derail new rules adopted by the Federal Communications...
Advocacy News / January 24, 2022
Over 200 House Members Now Support Free Radio
Eleven members of the House of Representatives have added their support to the Local Radio Freedom Act.
Advocacy News / January 21, 2022
LRFA Picks Up More Support
Eleven members of the House of Representatives have added their support to the Local Radio Freedom Act.
Advocacy News / January 12, 2022
Court Allows FTC’s Facebook Antitrust Suit To Proceed
A D.C. District Court judge has said the Federal Trade Commission can proceed with its antitrust suit against Facebook, but not with its allegation...
Advocacy News / January 6, 2022
Radio’s 5-Year Standoff With GMR Nears End With Conditional Settlement
Ending a bitter five-year court battle, the Radio Music License Committee and Global Music Rights have reached a conditional settlement.
Advocacy News / January 5, 2022
FCC Asks Appeals Court To Allow New Foreign Programming Sponsor ID Rules To Take Effect
The Federal Communications Commissions is asking a federal appeals court in Washington to allow it to go forward with plans to implement new rules...
Advocacy News / January 4, 2022
SoundExchange Targets Audacy, Midwest Communications For Royalty Audits
Under federal law, SoundExchange is permitted to audit a company for any, or all, of the prior three calendar years in order to verify royalty...
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