A Nation Remembers to Air on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27

NRB | January 23, 2020 | Member News

The United Nations General Assembly designated January 27 — the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau — as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

On this annual day of commemoration, the UN has urged every member state to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and millions of other victims of Nazism and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides.

“It would be a dangerous error to think of the Holocaust as simply the result of the insanity of a group of criminal Nazis,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres in a statement. “On the contrary, the Holocaust was the culmination of millennia of hatred, scapegoating and discrimination targeting the Jews, what we now call anti-Semitism.”

In support of the International Day of Remembrance, and to help the world say “never again” to the tragedy that was the Holocaust, NRB has partnered with Christian Friends of Yad Vashem and NRBTV to promote the international broadcast of A Nation Remembers, which is set to broadcast on January 27 and can be viewed online at anationremembers.org.

A Nation Remembers is the international broadcast version of the Official State Ceremony of Israel for the Heroes and the Martyrs of the Holocaust. It was recorded at Yad Vashem – the World Holocaust Memorial and Education Center in Jerusalem.

The program was recorded on Yom HaShoah or The Day of Remembrance – the day when the entire nation of Israel stops to remember those who perished in the Shoah or Holocaust and to give honor to those who gave their lives or livelihood to save the Jewish people.

“This important and timely program contains compelling stories of heroism and survival that we should never forget,” said Mark Jenkins, Executive Producer of A Nation Remembers and the U.S. representative of Christian Friends of Yad Vashem.

Noting that anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, Jenkins is encouraging people everywhere to promote A Nation Remembers or host screenings in their community.

“In addition to our TV broadcast partners, we have locally originated and syndicated radio programs and networks who will help us promote the program on television networks such as NRBTV, and to encourage online viewing at anationremembers.org,” he reported.

The program has been edited to 59:30 minutes and open captioned with English and Spanish subtitles. The download page link is Stations.ANationRemembers.org. Custom downloads can be provided upon request.

On social media, people are being encouraged to share their reflections about International Holocaust Remembrance Day using the hashtag #WeRemember.

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