A Lifeline of Hope: 4VEH Radio Strengthens Haiti in Crisis

NRB | May 30, 2024 | Member News

For over 70 years, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti (4VEH), a Christian radio and television ministry in Haiti, has served as a beacon of hope and a source of spiritual strength for the Haitian people. This is especially true now, as Haiti grapples with immense challenges—political turmoil, economic hardship, and gang violence.

A recent tragedy demonstrated the troubling situation in Haiti as three Christians, American missionaries Davy and Natalie Lloyd and local missions director Judes Montis, were ambushed and killed by a gang as they left church on Thursday, May 23. The families of Davy and Natalie Lloyd have faced challenges in having their remains transported to the United States due to the perilous security situation.

The United Nations reported the first quarter of 2024 as the deadliest for Haitians—around 2,500 people killed or injured by gang violence ravaging the country. The first three months of 2024 were the most violent period recorded by the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti, with a 53 percent increase in casualties from the previous reporting period. The UN called the situation “cataclysmic,” and it grows worse, with an estimated 360,000 people having fled their homes over the past year.

“I grew up during the Duvalier dictatorship and served as 4VEH Operations Director during rebel invasions and coups d’etat,” wrote Rev. Storly Michel, 4VEH Station Director, in a recent newsletter. “What people are living through in Haiti today is unprecedented.”

Throughout Haiti’s difficulties, 4VEH continues to broadcast, offering a message of hope and faith in a country shrouded in darkness. Michel emphasizes the critical role 4VEH plays and urges continued support to keep this vital service running.

“People on a daily basis are living with a lot of stress, trauma, fear and uncertainty, so more than ever, they are looking for a word of hope, encouragement, comfort,” says Michel. “Our team is determined to be that friendly voice of hope, pointing people to Jesus today and every day. We’ve been on the air for 74 years and we’re pressing on to serve God and the Haitian people through today’s crises.”

4VEH broadcasts Christ-centered programs, reaching Haitians nationwide and beyond. These programs include Bible studies, worship services, and practical advice to help people navigate daily struggles. Through their “Resounding Hope” initiative in 2023, 4VEH distributed over 1200 solar-powered radios with audio Bibles to families in remote areas, impacting countless lives. To date, 4VEH has given 83,000 Gospel presentations, witnessed 12,500 decisions for Christ, distributed 18,500 solar radios, and reached 111,000 people with daily Gospel broadcasting and the audio Bible.

The impact of 4VEH is evident in the life of one of its loyal listeners, Sister Rene. After a debilitating stroke, she found solace and inspiration in 4VEH’s broadcasts. Tuning in from dawn to dusk, she received not just religious programming, but companionship and a sense of community. Sister Rene calls the station her “lifeline.”

Through their various programs, from sports to Bible study, 4VEH has three main areas of focus: introducing people to Jesus and inviting them to become Christians, providing resources to help new Christians grow in their faith, encouraging seasoned Christians live out their faith, and strengthening churches throughout Haiti.

4VEH is steadfast in their simple mission, but they face complex challenges on the ground.

“Thankfully, where we are located is far from the capital city and out of immediate danger, yet our biggest challenges at the moment are the safety and well-being of our 50 staff in Cap-Haitien and getting fuel needed to generate electricity,” Michel says, noting that the cost of fuel has tripled over recent months.

4VEH has a clear vision for the future. 4VEH works to see more Haitians know and follow Jesus and be active members of their churches and communities. They aim to distribute 160,000 solar radios, reaching one million Haitians with the Gospel. Pastor Hérode, Director of Resounding Hope, beautifully captures the essence of their mission: “When you give someone a Resounding Hope solar radio, it’s not just a gift, it’s the Gospel you’re giving them.”

The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti has been an NRB member since 1983 and was the recipient of the NRB International Radio Ministry Award in 2013 and the Milestone Award in 2014. Program Director Storly Michel serves on the NRB International Committee. To learn more and support 4VEH, click here.

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