January 12, 2011


Tragedy Compounded
By Dr. Frank Wright, President & CEO

Calling the horrific shootings in Arizona a tragedy doesn’t begin to speak to the personal devastation in so many lives. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families – even the family of this terribly disturbed man who has done such unspeakable things.

Yet here in Washington, D.C. – where stony-hearted political types are ever unwilling to “let a good crisis go to waste” – the personal tragedy in Arizona is fast becoming a tragedy for freedom.  

With many political commentators on the Left asserting that the real problem is unrestricted free speech, it seems clear that the speech they see needing limitation is that of those on the political right. Here we see revealed afresh the troubling predisposition on the part of some liberals to circumscribe any speech but their own.

The irony of their self-serving view of free speech is palpable. After the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, in spite of the self-evident connections between the shooter and radical Islam, Americans were admonished by political liberals everywhere to not jump to conclusions. Yet even though the radical Islamic connections were subsequently verified, there were no serious calls to restrict the free speech rights of Muslims.

Yet in the case of the Tucson shootings, before the tears were dry on the faces of the victim’s families, liberal commentators dashed to their microphones calling for restrictions on free speech – particularly the speech of their political opponents. On Capitol Hill liberals practically tripped over themselves to see who would be first to call for reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine – a regulation that even Dan Rather called an affront to the First Amendment, in which “an invaluable element of freedom has been lost.”

The events in Tucson were indeed tragic. These families remain in our prayers. Yet we cannot let their personal tragedy be manipulated by cold-hearted politicians to foster a national tragedy on all Americans.

2011 Media Awards 
Announcing the 2011 NRB Radio Award Recipients!

Member News
Congratulations to 93.7 WFCJ for 50 years in broadcasting.

Vision Forum releases  Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond.

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The TV Showcase is an opportunity to show your work to the TV industry and get your project viewed by network programmers and station operators. Enter the competition to be judged by industry leaders or you can just enter the Showcase to be seen. Winners will have programs aired on participating networks.

Radio Award Recipients:
Radio Station of the Year (Major Market): KCBI-FM
KCBI “Faithfully sends forth the Word of God so that it will accomplish His purpose in the hearts and lives of those who receive it.” Whether it’s hearing people prayed for by name, receiving an email Devotion of the Week, catching one of 17 weekday newscasts or Christian News Weekly, finding peace and comfort overnight during A New Day, imparting Scripture to children through the Coconut Hut Radio Show, or listening to the transparent encouragement on The Morning Show--prayers are answered, people are saved, and the whole counsel of God’s Word is taught daily without compromise.

Radio Station of the Year (Large Market): KWPZ-FM
For nearly 30 years, KWPZ has been a vital source of hope and encouragement to listeners. Uniquely positioned just south of Canada in Lynden, WA, KWPZ broadcasts uplifting music and conversation across Northwest Washington and the greater Vancouver, British Columbia region. Always striving to share the love of Christ, while uplifting listeners, KWPZ remains dedicated to strategic on-air programming (Focus on the Family, Insight for Living), community partnerships (Food for the Hungry Canada) and market positioning (sponsoring concerts such as Newsboys, Toby Mac) to positively impact the lives of more than 250,000 people each week.

Radio Station of the Year (Small Market): KVNE-FM
89.5 KVNE was the first Christian radio station in East Texas and became an important part of the community with an on-air presence for Christ in its area. With the Lord’s blessing, KVNE has become the most-listened-to radio station in any format for its target audience of 25-54, despite six other Christian radio stations serving East Texas. Through ongoing community involvement, strategic marketing efforts, audience research and a commitment to connecting with its listeners, KVNE now has the largest audience in its history. KVNE is also the 2010 CMB Small Market Station of the Year.

Air Personality of the Year (Music Format): Jim Bouma & Lynette Morgan
Jim Bouma and Lynette Morgan are keenly aware that Jim and Lynette in the Morning is not the “Jim & Lynette Show,” but a vehicle to uplift and encourage people, sharing Christ’s love to everyone who listens. Knowing the message of the Gospel is eternally relevant, it guides all they do. Jim and Lynette believe in radio that not only entertains, informs and interacts, but also touches people in many ways at many points of their lives. The hosts are real in their conversations and openly share victories and struggles in their personal lives. Ultimately, the work of Jim and Lynette demonstrates seasoned professionalism, rooted in authentic Christian faith, reaching the lives of thousands every week.

Air Personality of the Year (Talk Format): Janet Parshall
In the Market with Janet Parshall is a daily program on Moody owned-and-operated stations that challenges listeners to examine major news stories and issues being debated in the marketplace of ideas. In this fast-paced, caller-driven program, Janet and her insightful guests evaluate newsworthy topics using the Bible as a framework for discussion.
Radio Program of the Year (Long Form): The Frank Pastore Show
The Frank Pastore Show airs on 99.5 KKLA Los Angeles, "The Intersection of Faith and Reason." Frank is an ex-atheist and an ex-pro baseball pitcher, and he continues to throw curve balls to his audience, every day from 4 p.m.- 7 p.m.

Radio Program of the Year (Short Form): Diamonds in the Dust
Diamonds in the Dust feature programs help the listener encounter Jesus Christ in new ways... helping them understand that "suffering" can not be erased from the Christian's dictionary... and inviting them to a higher plane of trust and confidence in God by striding courageously into the fellowship of sharing in Christ's sufferings.

Genesis Award: Time to Revive
Time to Revive with Kyle Martin seeks revival in the United States by encouraging believers to embrace their relationship with Jesus, and share the Truth that transforms lives. Using targeted disciple-making strategies in its daily radio program broadcast across North America, Time to Revive watches new believers grow to multiplying believers. Officially started in 2009, Time to Revive rocketed to approximately 400,000 listeners on stations in San Francisco, Santa Fe/Albuquerque, Dallas, and Sirius Satellite Radio. In addition, the ministry birthed 25 discipleship groups reaching new disciples and more are on the way.

Got an Idea? Win an iPad! 
What do you get when you visit the 2011 Convention & Exhibition Facebook page? You get much more than just an opportunity to win a free iPad. Fans have been flooding the page with fresh and innovative web, media, and ministry strategies. For example…
     …Adam Winkler has offered an innovative media strategy for Christian radio. Rather than just broadcasting one school sporting event on their station, Winkler’s station has expanded to cover the major athletic events of three schools. Now fans of those schools – who might not normally tune into Christian radio – are listening consistently, and they also hear inspirational spots from Billy Graham’s Decision Minute, Upwords with Max Lucado, and more.
     …Rhonda Elfstrand has shared a web strategy where her organization has “implanted” a trackable QR Code on their new release catalog, taking readers directly to their interactive catalog online.
     …Randy Robinson shares that he’s working with a development team to grow web video through WebTV widgets (aka “apps”). His organization just crossed 105,000 views with one Beth Moore clip… "more eyeballs than many of our spot market buys on television,” says Robinson.

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Educational Session: Up Your Game – Break Out of the Media Status-Quo and Take the Next Bold Steps Into Your Media Future

Join Pastor Bobby Gruenewald, LifeChurch.tv, for a three-hour session focusing on a “showcase church” designed to challenge, inspire, and equip you to move your media ministry to the next level. These sessions are sure to give every church media leader a fresh perspective on their mission and their methods.
  • Part 1: A case study on the journey of a highly effective church-based media ministry.
  • Part 2: A how-to session on the art of presentation in worship environments, exploring the practices and structures of an effective church media ministry.
  • Part 3: A Q&A super-forum with those who have covered great distances on a journey into church media ministry. This is your chance to ask hard questions and receive spot-on answers to your unique issues.

Two Milestones for 93.7 WFCJ
Congratulations to 93.7 WFCJ (Dayton), which celebrated 50 years of broadcasting on Friday, January 7th. When the station began in 1961 it was the second Christian radio station to broadcast in Ohio; in 2006 it became the first Christian owned and operated station in Ohio to broadcast in high definition. The station had another milestone last Friday – the retirement of their General Manager, Clair Miller, whose 50-year broadcasting career also began at WFCJ. In addition to his work at 93.7 WFCJ, Miller worked at WFCJ’s sister station WEEC (Springfield), WHIO-FM (Dayton), and served for many years on the Board of Trustees of WFCJ’s Puerto Rican missionary radio partner, Calvary Evangelistic Mission. He also served on the Board of Directors of NRB and Midwest NRB. “It is with mixed emotions that I retire at this time,” says Clair. “It has truly been a rewarding career. God has blessed abundantly…I leave with this thought in mind, It’s not about me, it’s all about HIM.” Click here for more information about 93.7 WFCJ.
New Jonathan Park Radio Release
Vision Forum has just released Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond, Volume VII in the extraordinary edge-of-your-seat radio drama that offers Christian families Scriptural and science-rich answers to the difficult questions that swirl around the creation/evolution debate. In this latest adventure, the Creation Response Team begins investigating sightings of a mysterious creature, and stumbles across an unpredictable philanthropist-turned-explorer Alex DeMarcus. The Team decides to join DeMarcus in exploring the depths of the sea, in DeMarcus’ experimental electromagnetic submarine, Manta. They soon realize, however, that DeMarcus has something much greater in mind than simple ocean exploration. What is his incredible secret? Click here to learn more about Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond, or any of the Jonathan Park radio dramas, which are available for home listening or weekly radio syndication (satellite AMB-OS, MP3 downloads, or CD-by-mail).
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Sound too good to be true?

Well, the iNRB (Intercollegiate National Religious Broadcasters) wants to help you and also help their students connect with you and produce real announcements that are going to benefit ministries and the kingdom of God. Click here for more information and the entry form. But don’t wait! NRB members will be selected for this complimentary production on a first come-first serve basis. 

NRB Job Board
Do you need to fill various positions in your organization? Have you been looking for just the right person to fill a key position? The Job Board at the NRB 2011 Convention in Nashville could be your answer. Instituted three years ago, the Job Board has been a popular spot to visit during the NRB Convention as it includes job announcements and resumes. Available Internships might also be posted.  

So, before the Convention begins (and it’s right around the corner), if you would like to have an ad posted on the Job Board located at the NRB Member Center in the Delta Lobby, contact Judy Stephens at 703-330-7000 or email her at jstephens@nrb.org. Postings are free to NRB Members and just $75 per posting for non-members.

Oneness Embraced: Through The Eyes of Tony Evans
By Tony Evans
As the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, TX, and President of The Urban Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans is uniquely positioned to provide a clarion call for change in the church. In Oneness Embraced, he explains why the church at large has failed to address race relations with a Kingdom perspective, and explains what a Scriptural foundation of oneness should look like. “Fully encompassing areas of unity, history, culture, the church and social justice,” says this book, “Evans looks to the Scriptures for the balance between righteousness and justice that is crucial for applying in this generation and in training the next.” Context is provided by “a full section on black church history," and Dr. Evans, speaking from “experiences in his own evangelical journey...shares kingdom minded approaches for biblical justice and social restoration.” Click here to purchase Oneness Embraced: Through The Eyes of Tony Evans from the NRB Store.



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