February 9, 2011


Four Unforgettable Days
By Laurel A. MacLeod, Director of Communications

Visitors to NRB’s 2011 Convention & Exhibition will be treated to a unique window to the past. Imagine, for a moment, the ancient Essenes as they reverently wrapped the Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah and other scrolls and historic documents and hid them in large clay jars in Qumran’s caves, high above the Dead Sea. Did these men wonder how many decades the precious words of Moses, David, and the prophets – as inspired by God Himself – would survive? Against all odds, their hiding place lasted two millennia, and today the world calls these early documents the Dead Sea Scrolls.

At NRB 2011, you will have an opportunity to view fragments of these precious manuscripts in a stunning, museum-quality exhibit by Thomas Nelson Publishers, in partnership with NorthStar Studios. Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, Thomas Nelson will take you beyond the 400-year history of the KJV, and will provide a special first-hand experience of 4,000 years of Biblical history. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to see not only fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but ancient cuneiform tablets, numerous historic Bibles and an original 1611 King James Bible. Unless you’ve got plans to visit a number of the world’s foremost museums – from London to Jerusalem – this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Amazing…” is one of many words that describes such glimpses of Biblical history, yet that’s only one small piece of NRB 2011. Each year, the National Religious Broadcasters Convention & Exposition is astounding, and our 68th annual event will be no exception. There’s the Convention – with incredible speakers like Chuck Swindoll, Voddie Baucham, Ravi Zacharias, Jay Sekulow, and Dr. James MacDonald. Then there’s the Exhibit floor, the nation’s largest marketplace dedicated to Christian media professionals, where more than 200 vendors showcase their wares on 130,000 square feet of exhibit space. Special sponsors present other events, like Sunday Morning’s Israel Ministry of Tourism Breakfast, while Comedy Night and the Night of Music feature some of the nation’s best performers as they bring laughter and blessing to attendees.

All told, there’s a synergy and excitement that pervades the hallways and rooms of every NRB Convention & Exposition. Have you ever wondered how your radio station can get up-to-speed in the fast-paced digital world? Social Media will rock old school media in a Saturday Super Session. Have you needed new strategies for putting your ministry front-and-center in the social media environments? Educational sessions at NRB 2011 will show you how. Have you ever wished for input in managing a global organization or building an effective corporate communications team? NRB 2011 will present management and leadership sessions taught by industry leaders and CEOs who have already done it. And for those who desire to simply sit down and get great ideas from peers around the nation and around the world, there’s the roundtable Innovation Exchange focused on radio, television, Internet or Church media. In short…your questions can be asked and answered in less than three weeks during the educational sessions.

But NRB 2011 won’t just educate, encourage, inspire, and entertain you, it will also provide the practical information that every church, ministry, or organization needs in order to face the unrelenting realities of modern American politics and culture. If you have ever struggled with formulating a Scriptural response to the gay rights movement, you won’t want to miss Tuesday’s Public Policy debate. This session will feature a discussion between two key leaders on opposite sides of the gay rights issue. And Monday’s Religious Liberty education panel will present top-tier Christian Constitutional attorneys who will address threats to the freedom to proclaim the Gospel over the radio, television and the Internet – and they’ll tell you how the legal landscape is changing. Their input will help you shape your ministry or organization for decades to come.

As you ponder all the great new ideas, products you’ve seen, and information to apply, join your business associates in the semi-private haven of Club 44, which is perfect for networking and building those important relationships. Or walk by the NRB Job Board, where you can post a resume or find candidates to fill that important position. All attendees will have access to a special NRB 2011 iPhone/iPad/Android app that will be available here as soon as the convention begins. And lest we forget, your four days will be spent in the amazing venue of Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, a destination in and of itself.

So register today, because you’ve only got a few more weeks to get in on the action and see for yourself why NRB’s Convention & Exposition is the biggest Christian communications event of the year. Be seen, be heard, and be relevant as you learn how to better communicate the Gospel of Christ in the months and years ahead.

PHOTOS ABOVE: Dead Sea Scrolls and the Qumran caves, courtesty of istockphoto; Thomas Nelson Publishers Celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible; musical performance at NRB 2010; and NRB's 2011 Convention & Exposition App.

NRB says goodbye to association veteran Bob Powers.
Award-winning performing artist Nicole C. Mullen headlines Saturday's General Session at NRB 2011.

Media Awards
Announcing the 2011 International Awards!

Member News
KMA Direct Communications acquired by The Pursuant Group.

Celebrating the life of an evangelism legend.
Don’t miss the annual NRB Business Meeting on Saturday, February 26th at NRB 2011.

Find out what the Media Room can do for you during NRB 2011.

Is your entire team reading NRB Today? Sign up today.

Et Cetera
Find a job or fill a postition at the NRB 2011 Job Board!





Saying Goodbye
The National Religious Broadcasters would like to thank Bob Powers, Vice President of Government Relations, for 10 faithful years of service. Powers resigned his position and will join Aduston Consulting, a boutique firm that provides Congressional lobbying and other consulting services in Washington, D.C. He will continue to work on broadcast and telecom, along with issues related to a free market economy.

“When I came to NRB in August of 2001, I could not have been more excited. Broadcasting is in my blood, and I was a constant subscriber to Christian programming. It’s been a joy to work at NRB in numerous ways over the last decade, and it has been my great honor to serve NRB members on Capitol Hill these last 5 years. I have enjoyed every moment. I’m looking forward to my new career challenge, continuing the fight for conservative issues and principles I believe so greatly in. I will certainly do my best to remain connected to NRB and my many friends. Please feel free to contact me at bpow05@gmail.com. Many blessings to you all.”

Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President & CEO, reflected this week on Powers’ departure. “Bob has faithfully served NRB for 10 years, first in our Communications Department and then as NRB’s first full-time lobbyist on Capitol Hill. Bob and I have spent many hours meeting with FCC Commissioners and Members of Congress, and he worked hard to build many of NRB’s most important relationships on Capitol Hill and beyond. We appreciate Bob’s devotion to keeping the airwaves open for the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ, and we wish him well as he follows a new turn in God’s calling on his life.”

General Session: Nicole C. Mullen To Perform
NRB 2011 General Session on Saturday, February 26th in Nashville, TN, will feature a performance by world-renowned female vocalist Nicole C. Mullen. Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President & CEO, commented, “Nicole brings a great talent and a heart for the things of God. We are delighted and blessed to have Nicole minister to us in song for the glory of God.”
Nicole C. Mullen is a wife, mother, award-winning singer, songwriter, and choreographer. She grew up in Cincinnati, OH, and is no stranger...Read more.
Educational Session: Real World Mobile Ministry Stories
Watch a series of real world mobile ministry success stories that demonstrate how ministries can use mobile technologies to increase giving, engage audiences, and drive traffic. From mobile giving, to mobile applications, find out what has really worked in the last 18 months. A must-see session for any ministry or broadcaster considering moving into the mobile world.
Exhibitor: Israel Ministry of Tourism Booth #714
Israel is breathtaking, invigorating, enlightening, and transforming. The Ministry of Tourism does not sell services but provides resources and information regarding travel to the Land of the Bible. The Ministry of Tourism of the State of Israel works very closely with pastors and Christian leaders in order to help them take their congregations to Israel, and would be happy to provide them with a toolkit to help them organize a trip. They are always eager to assist you. Visit Israel – you will never be the same!

2011 International Awards
Individual Achievement in International Broadcasting Award: Doris Brougham, Overseas Radio & Television

Doris Brougham has been sharing God’s love in Asia for over 60 years. Fondly known as Teacher Peng Meng-hui, Brougham is perhaps one of the most well-known English teachers to Chinese people worldwide. Under Brougham, Overseas Radio and Television (ORTV) has grown into an international Christian media organization with more than 250 employees. She continues to teach, produce, write, edit, consult, and speak.  With her guidance, ORTV has helped many Christian organizations and individuals across the globe.

International Radio Ministry Award: Radio Shema (Ankara, Turkey)
RadioShema is one of two Christian radio stations in Turkey, a 98% Muslim country. This fully legal station is located in the capital, Ankara. Shema reaches close to 7 million people via FM broadcast and has the potential of reaching Turks all over the world through their Internet stream. Their vision is to reconcile people to God by presenting them with a true understanding about God and what He has done for us through Jesus Christ, and they do this by producing programming in Turkish for Turks.

International Innovation Award: Whistling Frog Productions, HCJB Global
Whistling Frog Productions has been HCJB Global's UK radio department since 1997. Their passion is to find opportunities to place ads, “God spots,” and features that tackle the bigger questions of life on commercial radio to reach a secular audience with Christian themes. Whistling Frog Productions reaches out to listeners who would otherwise never listen to spiritual talk. The award-winning production team is also involved in professional radio training in the UK and overseas, and they offer much of their material free to radio producers, churches and schools.

International Strategic Partnership Award: Jim Daly, Focus on the Family
Jim Daly assumed the Presidency of Focus on the Family in 2005 after 16 years with the ministry, including roles as Vice President of the International Division and as Field Director for Asia, Africa and Australia. Today, Focus on the Family’s global outreach efforts include offices in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan. Thousands of families each day are helped through radio programs, radio commentaries and curricula like “How to Drug-Proof Your Kids.”

International Strategic Partnership Award: Chuck Swindoll, Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll’s congregation extends far beyond the local church body. Through the Insight for Living broadcast, Chuck’s teaching is on the air in every major Christian radio market in all 50 states. It is also broadcast through more than 2,100 outlets worldwide in numerous foreign languages, and it is available to an exploding Webcast and podcast audience.


New Path for KMA Direct Communications
Last month, the Dallas-Based Pursuant Group, a full-service fundraising and communications consulting firm, acquired KMA Direct Communications. In 1994, KMA was founded to provide direct response marketing and fundraising to organizations doing important, life-changing work. Since its inception, KMA’s client list includes faith-based, nonprofit and politically conservative organizations, working on online and offline direct response, radio production, syndication and consulting services, full data analytics, and complete Internet marketing services. Tom McCabe will continue as the President of KMA and remains actively involved in the delivery of client services. Matt Frazier, CEO of The Pursuant Group, counts McCabe as a mentor who shaped his own vision in years past. “This partnership will only improve our services with greater bench strength and more strategic ideas to apply to client programs,” said McCabe following the acquisition announcement. “I believe that our two companies reflect a common vision and common values.” Click here to learn more about KMA Direct, and here for more information about The Pursuant Group.

PHOTO ABOVE: Tom McCabe, President, KMA Direct Communications.

Remembering Howard Jones
A man with a distinct legacy passed away at the end of 2010. Howard O. Jones (1921-2010) was an NRB Milestone Award winner, former Board member, and the first African American to be inducted into NRB’s Hall of Fame (1995). He was also the first African American associate evangelist of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). “Howard Jones was one of my best friends,” said The Rev. Billy Graham. “He did more for race relations among evangelicals than any other person of his generation. Howard was a deeply spiritual person, and I loved him in Christ.” For 35 years, Jones was the principal speaker for BGEA’s Hour of Freedom radio broadcast. Their friendship began in 1957 when Jones was returning to Cleveland through New York, and Graham asked him to help integrate a pending crusade. Jones, reports BGEA, “led big rallies in Harlem and Brooklyn and persuaded many worshipers to join him downtown” for the Madison Square Garden rally. It wasn’t long before he was traveling the world with Graham, and leading many African crusades on his own. “I look forward to the day when we shall be reunited in heaven before the One to Whom Howard gave his life and ministry in service,” concluded Graham. He is survived by five children and five grandchildren.

PHOTO ABOVE: Howad O. Jones, courtesy of BGEA.
Annual NRB Business Meeting
The Annual Business meeting will be held on Saturday, February 26th, 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville,TN. All members of NRB are encouraged to attend, and full members are eligible to vote for the officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee, as well as the Board of Directors Class of 2014.  

It is important to pre-register your organization’s voters before the Convention, and it’s not too late to register. Avoid potentially long lines at the Annual Business Meeting by contacting Judy Stephens now at 703-331-4510 or jstephens@nrb.org to register your designated voters. Judy will be happy to help you determine the number of voters your organization can register. If you want to find out if you are registered, you may contact her about that as well.

Please note that you are not automatically registered to vote even if you are an NRB Member.

You must be a member in good standing to receive a ballot, and your organization’s 2011 dues must be current. Designated voters must be present at the Annual Business Meeting to receive the ballot package, and proxy votes cannot be accepted. The number of votes allowed each full member organization is determined by Article VI – Voting Constituency – of the NRB Constitution and Bylaws.

Click here to review the candidates for the 2011 Executive Committee, and here to review the candidates for the 2014 Class of the Board of Directors.  

NRB’s Media Center is Working for You!

Did you know that NRB Members, Exhibitors and Sponsors – registered for NRB 2011 – can host a press conference for FREE? Don’t miss this unique promotional opportunity! Click here for details.

Key Benefit of NRB Membership
Are all your employees reading NRB Today and benefiting from the information provided in this publication? If not, please send the name and email address of anyone in your organization who would benefit from reading NRB Today each week!
New! Johnny Mann Singers
Christian Broadcasters Jingle Package
Johnny Mann with his Johnny Mann Singers has created a new jingle package consisting of thirteen beautiful lead-ins to a customized logo in three different tempos; slow, medium and fast.

The thirteen lead-ins include:
and six additional lead-ins, all beautiful and dynamic. Each one to be followed by YOUR individual custom logo. All of these choral lead-ins and logos will fit in before or after music, speakers and announcements.
This package is very affordable with no extra fees for re-use and was designed for Christian broadcasters in large and small markets. As you may know, Johnny Mann jingles have been prevalent in secular broadcasting for many years. However, this specific package was designed for Christian broadcasters with limited budgets. Call now before this offer expires!

For further information, call 864-224-2186 or email:  johnandbetty@mann.org



NRB Job Board
Do you need to fill various positions in your organization? Have you been looking for just the right person to fill a key position? The Job Board at the NRB 2011 Convention in Nashville could be your answer. Instituted three years ago, the Job Board has been a popular spot to visit during the NRB Convention as it includes job announcements and resumes. Available Internships might also be posted.  

So, before the Convention begins (and it’s right around the corner), if you would like to have an ad posted on the Job Board located at the NRB Member Center in the Delta Lobby, contact Judy Stephens at 703-331-7510 or email her at jstephens@nrb.org. Postings are free to NRB Members and just $75 per posting for non-members. 
Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial and Education Center, reaches out to Christian leaders 
Yad Vashem launched its first-ever international seminar for Christian leaders in 2010. The week-long seminar addressed a number of issues related to the Holocaust including the roots of antisemitism, Christian theological responses to the Holocaust, how Jews responded to Nazi persecution and other such issues. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon also addressed the participants.

The second international Christian leadership seminar on the Holocaust, antisemitism and Israel will take place at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial and Education Center in Jerusalem, on April 29 – May 7, 2011. Organized by the Christian Friends of Yad Vashem together with Yad Vashem's International School for Holocaust Studies, the seminar will be attended by Christian leaders from various denominations and different countries.

Yad Vashem needs your support to continue educating Christian leaders worldwide about the Holocaust and help further understanding of the consequences of intolerance and antisemitism in modern society. To enable us to extend the 2012 Christian Leadership Seminar to even more participants, contact Christian.Friends@yadvashem.org.il or write to Christian Friends of Yad Vashem, International Relations Division, P.O.B 3477, 91034 Jerusalem, Israel.

To donate online visit our web site



Here is one good idea that a fellow NRB member cannot wait to share with you!

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A compilation of timely news that's of critical importance to Christian communicators. Updated several times daily. 

The President's blog considers the factors that influence our efforts to use electronic media for the cause of Christ.
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The Chairman's Page considers how we can re-focus ourselves and our actions back to our scriptural heritage.

Does Your Organization Deserve the least Legal Protection or the BEST?


NRB’s new legal resource, The Guardian Group, is designed specifically with the NRB member organization in mind. We know in the past you’ve probably used a system to minimize legal liability and avoid costly mistakes, but these are extraordinary times, with unprecedented threats ahead. Membership in The Guardian Group will entitle you to breaking news and information about those threats, free representation on NRB-related legal cases and issues, and pro-active ways to avoid legal “land mines."
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Join a select group of leaders in supporting NRB’s efforts to preserve your rights in Washington, D.C.




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