FCC Retires Two Forms As It Moves To New Filing System

November 20, 2017

The Federal Communications Commission has announced a retirement that will impact every radio and television station. It’s not a person—it’s a pair of forms. As part of its process of migrating broadcast ownership reporting on Form 323 (for commercial stations) and Form 323-E (for noncommercial stations) from the Consolidated Database System to the agency’s Licensing and Management System (LMS), the Media Bureau says the existing CDBS-versions of the biennial ownership forms will no longer be available after Nov. 27.

Read more at: http://www.insideradio.com/free/fcc-retires-two-forms-as-it-moves-to-new-filing/article_e1ba965e-cdc6-11e7-8c9f-b330c6764f88.html

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