DC's Newest Museum to Offer Free Admission

Museum of the Bible, the 430,000-square-foot museum opening on Nov. 17 just three blocks from the U.S. Capitol...

Posted and Human Trafficking: What is Christian America’s Response?

Recently, a large amount of evidence was uncovered revealing that has been facilitating prostitution and child sex trafficking through the promotion of ads posted on its website.


6 Ways Governor Brownback Can Prioritize International Religious Freedom

Brownback is a great pick for an important job, and the administration is to be commended for this selection.


'Religious Freedom Is the First Freedom': Trump's Pick to Fight for Religious Liberty

President Donald Trump is nominating Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback as the ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom.


AP Tells Reporters to Never Use the Term “Pro-Life”

For evidence of pro-abortion bias in the mainstream media, people need look no further than the AP Stylebook.


Manipulating public opinion the hi-tech way

Operating as virtual mind police, influential leaders of some of the world’s most recognized companies are using...


Faith Leaders Pray for Trump in Oval Office, Enjoy 'Open Door' at White House

About two dozen evangelical leaders spontaneously prayed with President Trump in the Oval Office Monday during a day-long "listening session"...


Religious Liberties Act protects FL students

Florida lawmakers have passed legislation that better protects students and staff who express their religious faith on public school property.


New Bible-based Trend Sweeps Twitter

Twitter users are using the phrase "I, the Lord" in their tweets. Many share Jeremiah 17:10, which reads...


‘Love of Christians’ touted as strategic asset for Israel at major policy conference

The strategic importance of Christian Zionism was featured this week at the 2017 Herzliya Conference, one of Israel’s most prominent annual policy summits.

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