An Answered Prayer: How Hundreds Were Fed During Power Outages at Atlanta's Airport

Stranded on the tarmac for hours, Anne Ivy-Townley was one of thousands of passengers...


President Trump is Filling Federal Courts with Scalia-like Conservative Judges

President Donald Trump could fill the federal bench seats with strict constitutionalists...


Awaken the Dawn! What's Behind the 'Holy Spirit Woodstock' Coming to DC

This vast expanse of public land stretching from Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial has seen many mass gatherings across the decades.


Rich countries could join Christian persecution list

One of the creators of an annual global report about Christian persecution warns that countries such as Australia might soon...


Child sponsorship donors could know more

Child sponsorship is a major fundraising model used by non-profits with organizations such as Compassion International...


Conservative Groups Demand Media Cut Ties with Southern Poverty Law Center

47 prominent conservative leaders and organizations have released an open letter to the news media calling on journalists to stop...


Atheist Organization Demands That Sen. Marco Rubio Stop Tweeting Bible Verses

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is demanding that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio stop tweeting out Bible verses.


DC's Newest Museum to Offer Free Admission

Museum of the Bible, the 430,000-square-foot museum opening on Nov. 17 just three blocks from the U.S. Capitol...

Posted and Human Trafficking: What is Christian America’s Response?

Recently, a large amount of evidence was uncovered revealing that has been facilitating prostitution and child sex trafficking through the promotion of ads posted on its website.


6 Ways Governor Brownback Can Prioritize International Religious Freedom

Brownback is a great pick for an important job, and the administration is to be commended for this selection.

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