Wycliffe Names Cynthia Swindoll

Cynthia SwindollThe Wycliffe President’s Council has announced Cynthia Swindoll, President & CEO of Insight for Living Ministries, as its newest member. In this non-governing role, Swindoll will advise Wycliffe’s President and leadership on issues of marketing, fundraising, prayer, and public relations.

Cynthia’s passion is to help remedy the situation where people throughout the world are dying without the Bible written in their language or pastors to teach them. “That’s why I love it that Wycliffe is now so focused on accomplishing this objective by 2025,” she said. “We’ll do everything we can through Insight for Living Ministries to encourage those missionaries. Matthew 28:18–20 represents our marching orders; it is what we live by. Whatever role God gives us should be our passion and where we direct our energies every single day.” Cynthia has served on the NRB Board of Directors since 1990.

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