Worship Service at Proclaim 16 to Collect Offering for Outreach in Cuba

NRB Worship ServiceDuring Proclaim 16's Public Worship Service with Rick Warren & Michael W. Smith on Wednesday, February 24, an offering will be taken that will support Great Commission Media (GCM) Ministries' planned outreach campaign in Cuba.

An active and longtime member of NRB, GCM Ministries conducts "Mega City Media Saturation Campaigns" that involve:

  • Using select powerful transformation stories for propagation on all media, simultaneously telling of a new start in life through Jesus
  • Using call centers throughout the 30-day campaign, staffed by hundreds of trained volunteers to receive responses from people seeking change in their lives
  • Changing the atmosphere in a target city during the 30-day campaign so that Jesus becomes “the talk of the town”
  • Long-term growth in churches as well as new church plants

GCM Ministries has, together with thousands of local churches, conducted more than 100 city-wide, high intensity media saturation campaigns. Included in these campaigns are cities in Russia, Ukraine, India, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestinian territories, Finland, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Most recently campaigns were launched in Beirut, Lebanon, and Colombo, Sri Lanka, where more than 500 churches were involved.

To date, the campaigns have reached more than 300 million people with hundreds of thousands of people responding to the Gospel message. And according to GCM Ministries, pastors report growth in churches from city to city.

To learn more about the goals and challenges of GCM Ministries, click here to read their 5-Year Mission Strategy document.


By NRB Staff

Published: January 28, 2016


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