Threats to Life, Liberty Highlighted During NRB’s 2016 Capitol Hill Media Summit

Capitol Hill Media SummitMembers of the NRB President’s Council gathered in Washington, D.C., last week for the 2016 Capitol Hill Media Summit and heard from leading voices on liberty and terrorism.

During the Sept. 14-16 event, the council members were presented with an insider’s perspective of the nation’s capital and heard from novelist Joel Rosenberg, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), and former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, who received NRB’s Faith & Freedom Award.

On the opening night of the summit, Rosenberg briefed council members about the war on ISIS and radical Islam. He also addressed the question of what Christians should be doing in the midst of genocide.

“We are facing genocide,” Rosenberg noted.

“We’ve got to think specifically ‘What are ways that we can be supportive of people fleeing from genocide?’” he later added.

The following morning, Strassel talked to the council about the “very scary” political shift being witnessed in the country that is threatening many aspects of the constitutional liberties and religious liberties held dear in America.

Sen. Tim ScottAs detailed in her book, The Intimidation Game, Strassel shared how the Left is orchestrating a coordinated campaign to bully Americans out of free speech and free association.

“It’s not about political correctness. It’s not about campus speech codes. This is about the Left using tactics in which they employ government to scare and harass their opponents,” she shared.

Later in the afternoon, Scott, who serves on the powerful Senate Finance Committee, talked about why it’s important to have legislation that consistently defends religious liberty. He also fielded questions from the council members.

Right before the briefing with Scott, CHMS participants visited with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in his Capitol office. Ryan spoke of his own personal faith as a Roman Catholic, his concern for protecting freedom of conscience, and his concerns over the FCC net neutrality order.

Dr. Jerry A Johnson and Speaker Ryan“Although it was a brief visit, I know our members enjoyed the opportunity to meet with Speaker Ryan,” NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson said. “I was glad to be able to share our concerns about and objections to the imminent hand-over by the Obama Administration of the internet, as well as to underscore our support for religious liberty, in particular for those working in partnership with the federal government to address community needs."

On the second night of the summit, council members attended the presentation of NRB’s 2016 Faith & Freedom Award to former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, whose employment was terminated last year by the mayor because of his Christian faith and beliefs.

In accepting the award, Cochran said he was “honored and humbled beyond words,” and also noted that his story “is but one of a growing list of many where a government entity and special interest groups have imposed adverse consequences on an American for publicly proclaiming a position based upon biblical truth that is not consistent with popular culture or the shifting pluralisms of political correctness.”

“The attack on freedom of religion and freedom of speech in our beloved United States of America is relentless,” he asserted.

The next day, council members joined the “Evangelicals Debate the 2016 Election” forum at the National Press Club. Hosted by NRB and moderated by the association’s president, the forum addressed the question, “Clinton, Trump, or Other?” It featured Erick Erickson, Janet Parshall, Bill Wichterman, and Harry Jackson. The forum was aired lived on C-SPAN2 and can be viewed on NRB's YouTube channel.

Also part of the 2016 Capitol Hill Media Summit was a tour of the construction site of the Museum of the Bible, a 430,000-square-foot international museum dedicated to the impact, history, and narrative of the Bible. Scheduled to open in fall 2017, Museum of the Bible is located in Washington, D.C., just two blocks from the National Mall and three blocks from the Capitol. Using cutting-edge technology, Museum of the Bible will provide guests with an immersive, personalized, and unparalleled experience as they engage with the Bible. During Proclaim 17, the NRB International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, Florida, Museum of the Bible will present an all new, one-of-a-kind interactive preview of the eight-floor facility in Washington. Museum of the Bible is also the Platinum Sponsor for the 2017 Convention, to be held Feb. 27-March 2, 2017.

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By NRB Staff

Published: September 22, 2016


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