Registration for Defending Truth Conference Now Open 

Defend Truth ConferenceNRBTV is hosting its fourth annual Defending Truth Conference to teach Christians how to reach others and defend their faith respectfully. 

“In today’s society, we are inundated with worldly views on the definition of marriage, abortion, politics, and religious liberty, just to name a few. What should our response as Christians be?” posed NRBTV President & CEO Troy Miller in a recent blog post. “Now it is more important than ever for Christians to know what we believe and to be able to effectively communicate our faith.” 

Established in 2013 by NRBTV (formerly the NRB Network), the annual conference aims to help students and adults apply their faith in the culture. 

Among the leading Christian apologists who will teach at the conference in Belmont University’s McAffee Concert Hall on Saturday, Nov. 12, in Nashville, Tennessee, are Norman Geisler, David Geisler, Erwin W. Lutzer, Ed Stetzer, and J. Warner Wallace. 

Registration is open, and early bird pricing (only $35 for adult tickets) is available until Oct. 15. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

In the weeks leading up to the conference, NRBTV will broadcast informative presentations from the 2015 Defending Truth Apologetics Conference every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. Speakers last year included well-known Christian apologists Alex McFarland (Viral Truth), Stephen C. Meyer (Discovery Institute), Abdu Murray (Embrace the Truth), and Frank Turek (I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist). 

For additional details, check the NRBTV program schedule.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 25, 2016


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