Plans for New Radio Tower Underway to Reach All of North Korea with the Gospel

FEBC North Korea FEBC is moving forward with plans for a new radio tower in South Korea that will be able to extend its reach across the entire country of North Korea.

Land was recently gifted to FEBC in South Korea to build a brand-new station, and already plans are moving forward in faith to begin prepping the land for construction and acquiring the necessary permits for this unprecedented opportunity to one of the most desperate parts of the world.

Presently, South Korea has 13 radio stations and reaches most of Korea, ministering also to Koreans in most of the surrounding countries. The FEBC station located on Jeju Island, which is situated off the coast of the southern tip of Korea, is one of the Korean continent’s most powerful stations. The Jeju Island station has the ability to broadcast into South Korea’s northern neighbor, North Korea.

A new tower would allow FEBC to reach the entire country – an “incredibly ambitious” outreach that FEBC is estimating will surpass $6 million in costs over the next year, with $250,000 needed “immediately” to break ground to get the radio tower built.

And already, the ministry has been rallying support. According to FEBC, Korean pastors are standing by to join their broadcasts, so the people who hear them will listen and understand the Gospel—in their own language and culture.

“Also ready to help is a group of North Korean defectors that we met on a recent trip to Asia,” reported FEBC. “With tears in their eyes, they shared unforgettable testimonies, laden with unthinkable abuse and suffering. Yet they are so thankful for the Gospel . . . and so anxious to share it with their despairing countrymen!”

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By NRB Staff

Published: March 22, 2018


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