NRB’s New Day in Washington

Dr. Johnson at the new NRB officeI’m delighted to report that your National Religious Broadcasters staff is now operating out of our new office on Capitol Hill. As we continue to get settled into the new space, I want to update our members about this exciting development. This is a new day for NRB – and it couldn’t come soon enough, given the growing challenges facing our nation and members today.

In a sense, this is really a renewed day, since for many years the NRB headquarters was based in Washington and our national conventions were annually held here. Further, we’ve long had a Capitol Hill satellite office. Still, while for the last 24 years our Manassas, Virginia, headquarters served us well, for maximum effectiveness in fulfilling our public policy objectives, serving our members’ needs, working with like-minded organizations in D.C., and making our case to major news media, we simply had to make this move.

Nearly 75 years ago, NRB’s visionary founders began this organization to correct the censorship of evangelical ministries on America’s airwaves. Today, those threats are returning, with religious liberty imperiled on many fronts. A new presidential administration is only months away from taking office and having NRB’s headquarters in Washington will better position our staff to take our members’ concerns to those government leaders – whoever wins the White House on November 8, 2016.

Our new office space – located just blocks from the U.S. Capitol building and within minutes of various federal agencies that we seek to influence – is very ideal for meeting our public policy objectives. A suite in the National Guard Memorial Museum Building located at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and North Capitol Street, our office is in a professional environment with associations, law firms, and other organizations with business before the federal government. We are eager to host NRB members who visit Washington, D.C., and especially look forward to dedicating this new space during our Capitol Hill Media Summit in September.

NRB not only works with Congress and federal government agencies; we also work with many other Christian, advocacy, and industry organizations that are also based in Washington. Our new headquarters will enhance our coalition-building efforts, and serve as an ideal meeting space for our allies.

As a ministry that serves international communicators, our new Washington office is especially strategic since the D.C. bureaus of television network and cable news outlets are only blocks away, along with many newspaper, radio, online, and other significant news media outlets. We intend to make our appeals to the national media for freedom of religion, speech, and the press, as well as a wide array of regulatory and legislative matters, and our new headquarters in D.C. enhances our ability to do so.

NRB’s mission is to advance biblical truth, promote media excellence, and defend free speech. While the Washington headquarters especially enhances our ability to fulfill the third aspect of that mission, it also helps us to fulfill the other elements as well. Washington is a vital location for religious organizations and events of all kinds that need the influence of biblical truth. As noted, this city also is a major media center – a laboratory for communicators. Our Washington headquarters will indeed help us to advance biblical truth and promote media excellence. Further, our annual conventions will continue to meet across the nation – next February in Orlando, and in Nashville, Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Denver in subsequent years.

I want to express my gratitude to the NRB headquarters staff who have eagerly embraced this major relocation of our operations. Our members should know that even though it is a significant sacrifice to our staff, they have made this move with enthusiasm, knowing how important it is to better serve you. I would be grateful if you would regularly pray for our staff as we serve you in D.C.

The most important work of our association is done by you and your fellow members, broadcasting to millions across the nation and around the world the only hope for humanity – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Moving our headquarters to Capitol Hill was absolutely essential to help and assist our members in doing that vital work. I look forward to welcoming our members to the association’s new headquarters in the nation’s capital.

By Dr. Jerry A. Johnson

Published: August 4, 2016


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