Movieguide Report: Sex Does Not Sell!

Movieguide logoFor the 26th year in a row, Movieguide: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment concluded in its Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry that moviegoers “clearly” prefer relatively clean, heroic, family-friendly movies with Christian, biblical, redemptive, conservative, and patriotic faith and values.

“Despite a couple disturbing trends, 2017 was another big year for family movies and movies with faith and values,” said Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide , in a press release.

For example, Movieguide noted that the most family-friendly movies averaged $51.70 million per movie while the least family-friendly movies averaged only $11.67 million.

Also, 90 percent of the top 10 movies in the United States and overseas in 2017 reportedly contain strong or very strong Christian, redemptive, biblical, moral content, including such movies as Boss Baby, Despicable Me 3, Justice League, Thor: Ragnorak, and Wonder Woman, among others.

Furthermore, Movieguide highlighted how family-friendly movies with absolutely no foul language, sex, explicit nudity, or substance abuse earned the most money, significantly more money than movies with such explicit content.

Baehr presented highlights from the “2018 Report to the Entertainment Industry” on February 2 at the 26th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala in Los Angeles.

Each year, Movieguide analyzes all of the major theatrical movies according to basic biblical principles, morality, and theology from a Christian perspective.

In 2017, movies with very strong Christian, redemptive, or moral content and values averaged $57.84 million at the domestic box office, but movies with very strong non-Christian, false or immoral worldviews averaged only $10.49 million, Movieguide reported.

Furthermore, movies with very strong secular humanist or atheist content or worldviews reportedly did even worse, averaging only $1.16 million per movie.

“Our previous studies have shown similar results,” Dr. Baehr noted.

Among other observations, Movieguide identified 75 theatrical movies from 2017 that contained at least some strong or very strong Christian, redemptive content – an increase of 60% from 2012, when there were only 47 such movies. In addition, those movies totaled a whopping $5.68 billion at the box office in 2017 in Canada and the United States alone.

Baehr noted that, according to recent stats, there are more than 235 million Christians, including children of Christian parents, in America, and 2.48 billion Christians globally.

By NRB Staff

Published: February 8, 2108


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