Member Voices: Stuart W. Epperson Sr., Salem Media Group, Inc.

Stu EppersonWhen Stuart W. Epperson founded Salem Media Group in the early 1970s with his brother-in-law, Edward Atsinger III, he could not have imagined the impact on the Christian market that this organization would one day have. The company that started with just a few radio stations in North Carolina and California has grown to become the nation’s leading radio broadcaster, internet content provider, and magazine publisher that provides Christian and family-themed content and conservative values programming.

Chairman of the Board of Salem Media Group since its inception, Epperson has now provided guidance and direction for the company for more than 40 years. Where has Epperson found many of the resources and partnerships that are so essential for an expanding organization in the communications field?

“I have attended NRB [Convention] for about 45 years, and it has gotten more beneficial each year, it seems,” shares Epperson. “Through NRB, Salem leaders come together with other Christian broadcasters and discuss how to improve our effectiveness in carrying out our mutual mission: to provide the best broadcast and internet platform for the best communicators of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

In addition to valuable networking opportunities, NRB also facilitates collaboration among Christian communicators to equip them to further their mission and extend their outreach. “[W]e learn about broadcast opportunities and needs from broadcasters all over the world and in the USA,” Epperson explains.

As a longtime member of the NRB Board of Directors, Epperson has been heavily involved in NRB’s advocacy to protect Christian broadcasters’ right to proclaim the Gospel through media. “[NRB] is very effective in protecting and growing our access to the media,” he remarks.

Reflecting on Salem’s syndication of programming to approximately 2,000 Christian-formatted and general market radio stations throughout the country, Epperson concludes, “I know of no other organization that better equips us to do Christian programming than NRB.”

Want to learn more about the resources, partnerships, and opportunities that NRB could provide for you? Contact Michelle Williams, Member Services Coordinator, at or at 202-849-8446.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 31, 2017


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