FRC President Tony Perkins Calls for National Day of Prayer and Reconciliation

Tony PerkinsAs the divide in America grows deeper, the leader of a prominent Christian public policy ministry is calling the country to prayer and reconciliation.

“We are a divided nation that is in crisis,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said in a statement last week. “We are no longer talking to each other – only screaming at one another. We are like a married couple in crisis.”

The nationwide debate over the razing of Confederate memorials was given new fuel in the wake of the recent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in three deaths and dozens of injuries. In a number of cities, such memorials have been forcefully torn down or desecrated by protesters and vandals.

“I understand there are strong feelings about these statues given the inflamed rhetoric that is swirling around right now. However, tearing down statues and inciting violence is not the way forward,” Perkins said.

Having dealt with such domestic situations as both a police officer and a pastor, Perkins said the preferable route is that of “restoring the relationship rather than having to cart one of the parties off to jail which rarely brings reconciliation.”

The evangelical leader said he believes the President should call for a timeout and designate a day of prayer for America’s healing, which can be a day of silence for those not inclined to pray.

“Nothing good can come from the current shouting match that the Left and Right is engaged in – we are bitterly divided and the fissure is only getting deeper by the day,” Perkins said.

“I echo the media’s message after Steve Scalise was shot: ratchet down the rhetoric,” he continued.

“But I add that we should go a step further this time and let us take a day to seek God and pray for him to bring healing to our nation,” concluded Perkins.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 24, 2017


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