Finney Media Presents Results of ‘Why Listen?’ National Christian Radio Survey

Finney Media logoFinney Media recently released the results of its national “Why Listen?” survey, confirming, surprising, and expanding the understanding of the Contemporary Christian music audience.

Earlier this month at Christian Music Broadcasters’ Momentum Conference in Orlando, Finney Media President Chuck Finney highlighted the biggest reason that listeners tune in to Christian music and music/talk stations.

“People come to grow spiritually,” he reported. “Eighty percent of our survey respondents indicated it’s a main reason they listen to Christian radio. That’s both exciting and challenging because Christian radio constantly works to make a difference in listeners’ lives.”

More than 23,000 Christian radio listeners in the U.S. and Canada participated in the Finney Media survey.

During his presentation at Momentum, Finney detailed that 77 percent of Christian music and music/talk radio listeners indicated they come to Christian radio to be encouraged. A full 79 percent said that a main reason they listen is for worshipful Christian music. Finney also presented the Net Promoter scores for Christian formats; the combined score came in at 76 – a surprisingly high number that demonstrates listener passion.

The following are the eight key findings highlighted in Finney’s conference address:

  1. Your listeners are from many denominations; they worship with varying ways and words.
  2. Your listener seeks spiritual growth but struggles with walking the walk.
  3. Your listener’s life screams rollercoaster ride; they ache for word hugs.
  4. Your listener thinks controversial topics are crucial – just not when they’re listening.
  5. Your listener loves worshipful music – plus bold, bite-size Christian wisdom.
  6. Your listener favors you passionately but leaves when you’re a yawn.
  7. Your listener gives when they “get” and love your ministry.
  8. SUMMARY: Your listener wants you to be like Jesus – in tone, music, Scripture.

By NRB Staff

Published: September 22, 2016


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