Christian, Conservative Groups Unite to Expose Southern Poverty Law Center

jDr. Jerry JohnsonSeveral Christian and conservative groups, including NRB, have come together to expose the truth to the world about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which, they say, “has devolved from an organization that once fought against real hate groups, such as the KKK, and has become a hate group itself.”

“It holds a powerful, national position as judge, jury, and executioner, labeling any group that opposes its extreme progressive ideology as a ‘hate group,’” say the organizers of #exposeSPLC campaign. “The SPLC’s goal: To silence anyone it disagrees with and to drive traditional conservatives and Christians from the public square.”

Earlier this summer, CNN published SPLC’s list of “hate groups,” displaying the location of each on a map. While CNN indicated within the article that the data on “hate groups” is from the SPLC, the original headline on the story did not note the source. That headline was later changed to cite SPLC. The story was also updated to provide direct links to the full list from the SPLC as opposed to publishing the entire list, and context was added regarding some groups who oppose their inclusion on the SPLC list, including the American Family Association, which shot back at CNN for its lack of journalistic integrity.

Similar criticism was levied against an NBC affiliate in Arizona for its story, “What are Arizona’s hate groups?” which relied entirely on SPLC’s accusations.

ABC News was also called out for irresponsibly parroting SPLC’s “hate group” label when identifying Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).  Reporting on a speaking engagement of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ABC called ADF an “anti-LGBT hate group” in its headline and article text. The article also linked to SPLC’s page attacking ADF.

“According to the SPLC, support for traditional marriage and criticism of radical Islam both constitute ‘hate,’” say organizers of the #exposeSPLC campaign.

“And because of that, the SPLC has added legitimate conservative and Christian groups, including the Pacific Justice Institute, Alliance Defending Freedom, the Family Research Council, Liberty Counsel, and American Family Association to its ‘Hate Map,’” they added in an open letter.

Spearheaded by the Pacific Justice Institute, the campaign seeks to get as many people as possible to sign a petition urging the media, companies, and advertisers to stop supporting the SPLC.

“The SPLC routinely labels legitimate conservative and Christian groups as ‘hate groups.’ This is libelous, unethical and wrong,” the petition states.

“I’m shocked that you’re supporting the SPLC’s ‘hate map’ as if it’s objective. It’s not, it’s political,” it adds. “I ask that you do what is right and stop helping this organization now.”

Organizers are looking to gather at least 500,000 signatures.

To read the letter, petition, and a video for the campaign, visit The video features NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, who notes how SPLC “minimizes true hate” and “has lost all credibility.”

“We’ve got to do something about this,” Johnson says before encouraging prayer as a first step.

By NRB Staff

Published: December 21, 2017


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