Answers in Genesis Receives Star of Tourism Award for Economic Impact of Ark Encounter, Creation Museum

Star of Tourism Award given to AIGAnswers in Genesis and its two world-class attractions were recognized by the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau last week with the Star of Tourism Award.

The Ark Encounter, which opened last July, and the Creation Museum, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in May, have reportedly attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors in the past few months.

According to AiG’s leadership, the total economic impact of both the Ark and Creation Museum over the next 10 years will be on the order of billions of dollars, with thousands of Ark-related jobs being created as well.

During the annual meeting of the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau, AiG Co-Founders Mark Looy and Mike Zovath delivered a keynote address and told hotel owners, elected officials, restaurant owners, and others that the organization is promoting the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area as a vacation destination, and is encouraging their guests to enjoy the many other attractions in the area.

“Privately, several hotel and restaurant owners pulled Mark and Mike aside and told them that their business has increased much more since the Ark opened last July,” reported AiG Founder and CEO Ken Ham in his blog.

“One person reminded us that her former hotel was saved from closing several years ago because our Creation Museum guests were starting to pour in!” he added.

While the tremendous economic impact of AiG’s attractions was highlighted during the meeting, Ham noted that their greatest impact will not be an economic one.

“Each year hundreds of thousands of non-Christians will be visiting them and hearing the Gospel,” commented Ham. “Though we are happy to help boost a remarkable number of new jobs and businesses in the region, the real benefit we want to see is souls saved for eternity.”

At its 70-acre location in Northern Kentucky, just two exits west of the Cincinnati Airport, the acclaimed Creation Museum is a high-tech “walk through history” museum that counters evolutionary natural history museums and tells the compelling account of creation on this planet while also proclaiming the Bible as the supreme authority in all matters. And located 40 miles from both downtown Cincinnati and the Creation Museum is the Ark Encounter, home to a huge, life-size replica of Noah’s Ark. Standing seven stories high and measuring more than two football fields in length, the Ark is the largest freestanding, timber-frame structure in the world. 

By NRB Staff

Published: March 30, 2017


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