Membership Spotlight: Infinity Concepts

Mark DreistadtInfinity Concepts helps transform their clients’ dreams into reality. They specialize in building a bridge from their client's present to their desired future. Utilizing a unique blend of creative thinking, time-tested insight, and cutting-edge technology, Infinity Concepts becomes a strategic partner for an organization’s success.

The agency is big enough to effectively help, yet small enough to give personalized, quality service. As a brand communications agency, Infinity Concepts uniquely blends three distinct disciplines to effectively define, internalize and communicate the client’s brand: organizational development, fundraising counsel, and brand communication (advertising, social media, promotions, special events, public relations, and media).

In 2002, Mark Dreistadt founded Infinity Concepts on two basic principles:

  1. Organizations must think strategically in order to achieve their purpose.
  2. Organizations need expertise in the specialized fields of branding, creative design, fundraising, marketing, media, public relations, and organizational development.

Mark believed if they could help leaders become more strategic, and provide the expertise and resources they need to grow, there would be no limit to their success.

Infinity Concepts’ contagious commitment to effectiveness, integrity, and excellence is personified in each member of their team of professionals. Each individual brings unique skills, experiences, and abilities that make Infinity Concepts the right choice as a strategic partner.