Luis and Andrew Palau Host Evangelistic Campaign in Paraguay

Luis PalauIn two Paraguayan cities last month, international evangelists Luis and Andrew Palau joined thousands of Christians participating with hundreds of local churches in an evangelistic campaign that reached a wide range of people from the youth to the National Congress.

Following a string of events in Paraguay’s capital Asunción and a festival in Ciudad del Este that led more than 1,770 people to Christ, Luis and Andrew clearly presented Gospel-centered messages at a two-night, open-air music festival in the heart of Asunción, resulting in well over 12,000 people making a decision for Jesus Christ. Each night, Luis would begin his message with the hope that what he had to say would inspire young adults, particularly under 25, who made up more than half of the audience.

 “Seventy-three [sic] percent of Paraguay’s population is under 35. Our youth is writing the story of this country,” said Santiago Maldonado, president of Paraguay’s National Association of Evangelical Pastors and member of the festival executive committee. “We need to lift them up. They are the protagonists of this campaign.”

At the invitation of the president of the Paraguayan National Congress, Luis and his team made a landmark visit to the Congress’ chamber of senators and deputies, signifying the first time any public figure was allowed to speak while Congress was in session. Luis also met with Paraguay’s vice president, the mayor of Asunción, members of the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of Defense. “Our objective was to elevate the gaze of leaders to their spiritual lives, to moral ethics and values,” said Palau. “I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and pray with several of the country’s top national leaders.”

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PHOTO ABOVE: Luis Palau shares the Gospel message with thousands in Asunción, Paraguay, during the Luis Palau Paraguay Festival, April 27, 2012. Photograph courtesy of Luis Palau Association.