KSBJ Launches Mentoring Program to Aid Christian Stations

KSJB MentoringContemporary Christian music station KSBJ has launched a mentoring program to provide Christian music stations with strategic planning and guidance as they strive to improve broadcasting efforts and positively impact lives within their community.

Under the leadership of Jon Hull, senior director of outreach, KSBJ’s mentoring program seeks to provide participants with guidance from KSBJ staff members in all areas of broadcasting, including programming, development, community outreach and more.

“We are blessed to have this opportunity to serve others in the Christian music industry,” said Hull in KSBJ’s announcement of the program. “We see the Mentoring Program as a great way to raise the level of service from Christian music stations while spreading the word of God.”

According to KSBJ, the mentoring program has seen early successes with Hull and his team providing education to stations across the globe in locations such as England, Indonesia, Romania, Slovakia, and South Sudan, and in Arkansas, Georgia and Kansas in the United States.

“Everyone on the mentoring team at KSBJ made my staff feel welcome from the moment we began the program. We were impressed by the company culture,” said Sean Sawatzy, general manager of KLRC, a Christian station in Arkansas. “KSBJ is an example of how to grow your brand while maintaining your strong Christian messaging.”

For the past three decades, KSBJ has been striving to be the voice of hope connecting people to God, through Christian music, community outreach and events. In the past three years, KSBJ has been recognized as a “Best Christian Workplace” and has twice been awarded NRB’s “Radio Station of the Year” (in 2010 and 2012).

This year, KSBJ celebrates 30 years on-air as Houston’s leading listener-supported, non-profit, non-commercial contemporary Christian music radio station.