Global Christian Network Marks 7th Anniversary; Manmin Church Celebrates 30th

Manmin Anniversary CelebrationThe Global Christian Network (GCN) marked its seventh anniversary on Tuesday, just days after Manmin Central Church, the church that founded GCN, celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Though GCN officially launched in October 2005, the network was organized in May 2004 when a group of international visionaries came together with the desire to see the Gospel broadcast around the world while revealing the richness of diverse cultures.

Since then, GCN has been broadcasting unique and diverse television programs that seek to unite cultures and continents with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

“GCN … is spreading the holiness gospel and power of God,” remarked Manmin Church and GCN Founder the Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee during his church's 30th anniversary service on Sunday.

“It is sending its signal to more than 170 countries around the globe through satellite, cable network, and public air broadcasting, and one can watch the programs anywhere in the world at any time through the mobile web service. And these programs cause numerous works of God to take place every day,” he added, according to an official translation by Manmin Church.

Among those present for Manmin’s anniversary celebration was NRB President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright, who congratulated GCN and Manmin Church on reaching their latest milestones. Dr Wright

“With a global vision for the Gospel, Manmin Church and the Global Christian Network remain committed to proclaiming the message of hope and reconciliation offered to us in Jesus Christ,” noted Dr. Wright. 
Presently, GCN reaches Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East via NSS6, ABS1, THAICOM5, and 92 cable TV channels; North America via WEBR Channel 17 and the GloryStar satellite; and Russia, Europe, Asia, North America and Israel via CNL TV, TBN-Russia, RBN Rodnoy, and YES Rodnoy.

In addition, GCN-produced programs are broadcast through DirecTV Channel 378 (NRB Network), Alerta TV (Variety Zone Channel 463), and Impact TV in the U.S.; the Holy God TV, Alfa Omega TV, Love World TV, and Vision Heaven TV in Europe; JC TV and Isaac TV in Pakistan; and Arulvakku GCN and Rejoice TV in India.

In Latin America, En Lace TV and its cooperative 3,000 cable TV stations, JBN TV in Honduras, Channel 17 and Channel 67 in El Salvador and CristoVision TV in Costa Rica are broadcasting GCN programs to all of Latin America. GCN is also broadcast via RTDV and RTAE in DR Congo and Family TV in Kenya. And in Canada, a radio station is broadcasting GCN programming.

PHOTOS ABOVE: (1) A team of performers presents an on-stage performance at the 30th anniversary event of Manmin Central Church in South Korea. (1) Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President & CEO, (right) speaks during the Manmin Church anniversary event, as Johnny Kim, Director of GCN TV, (left) translates. Photographs courtesy of GCN.

Published: October 11, 2012