Prayer Caucus Founder Urges Engagement on Religious Freedom

A longtime religious liberty champion recently urged on NRB members in the battle to defend First Amendment freedom. Former Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, spoke during the annual association business meeting at Proclaim 17, the NRB International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, and warned attendees that despite strong efforts by so many to protect religious liberty rights, “we are losing.” He urged listeners to take advantage of the opportunity now present to change the trajectory of our country. “It’s not a door, it’s a window,” he said.

In looking at today’s political terrain, Forbes asserted that there is a “well-funded, well-orchestrated, very strategic anti-faith effort in this country that is having an enormous impact.” He then challenged those in the audience to consider if advocates of religious freedom have effective strategies to counter that threat. As an aid in that review, Forbes highlighted a report issued by the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (CPCF) offering an extensive look at legal and legislative initiatives on behalf of religious liberty across the country. On its website, CPCF offers the “Report and Analysis on Religious Freedom Measures Impacting Prayer and Faith” as a resource in the battle “to protect the free exercise of traditional Judeo-Christian religious values and beliefs in the public square, and to reclaim and properly define the narrative which supports such beliefs.”

Forbes declared that there is strength in numbers, as evidenced by the work of CPCF allies, including 700 state and federal legislators nationwide. He urged those at Proclaim 17 to change leaders, “not just who they are, but how they operate.” If citizens can convince elected officials to actually bring up religious freedom measures for votes, he believes they can win. Then, he said, “We will begin turning the landscape.”

By Aaron Mercer, Vice President of Government Relations

Published: March 17, 2017


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