Pew Poll Shows Partisan Gap in Views on Media, Religious Organizations

Recently released polling data from Pew Research Center shows that Republicans and Democrats have strikingly different views on the benefit to society that a number of institutions offer, including news media outlets, religious organizations, and universities. While 73 percent of Republicans believe churches and other ministries are helpful to the country, only 50 percent of Democrats (and only 40 percent of liberal Democrats) said the same. Fully 85 percent of Republicans think the national news media is detrimental for the nation right now, while Democrats were roughly split on whether the media was helpful (44 percent favored, 46 percent disfavored). Regard for higher education institutions saw a significant shift as 58 percent of Republicans, up from 45 percent last year, now have a negative view of colleges and universities (72 percent of Democrats hold the opposite opinion). The full study is available here.

By Aaron Mercer, Vice President of Government Relations

Published: July 21, 2017


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