FCC Moves to Adjust Field Operations

This week at the FCC’s monthly public meeting, the Commissioners voted unanimously for a plan to change its field operations structure, most notably by closing 11 field offices.  In a release, the FCC stated, “The proposal will improve efficiency, better position the agency to do effective radio interference detection and resolution and meet other enforcement needs, and save millions of dollars annually after implementation is complete.” 

Under the plan, field offices will remain open in 13 cities and additional “rapid deployment teams” will be available to reinforce field offices in times of need.  All field agents will be required to be electrical engineers.

While the vote was unanimous, some Commissioners raised cautionary flags.  For example, Commissioner Ajit Pai worried that field agents had not been adequately involved in the process and that there was a “badly frayed” relationship between field agents and their colleagues in Washington. He stated, “In the months ahead, we must do what we can to repair this breach and give field agents the support that they need to carry out their important mission.”

  • Learn more about the FCC’s field operations plan here.

By Aaron Mercer, Vice President of Government Relations

Published: July 17, 2015


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