Blount Communications Acquires WFEX - 92.1FM in Peterborough, NH

Bill BlountBlount Communications, Inc. of NH, licensee of WDER in Derry, NH, has purchased WFEX - 92.1FM in Peterborough, NH, adding to their commercial stations: WARV-Warwick/Providence, RI; WFIF-Milford/Bridgeport, CT; WSDK-Hartford, CT; WVNE-Worcester, MA; WBCI-Portland, ME; and WDER-Derry/Manchester, NH.

Following the transfer, Bill and Deborah Blount plan to initially rebroadcast WDER-1320AM in its entirety. Bill stated, "The addition of 92.1FM will greatly expand the coverage of the Derry station, and will add significant coverage to the west and south of Manchester."  Additionally, he added, "One of the hallmarks of the Life Changing Radio stations is working with local churches and ministries to expand their outreach to the communities they serve.  So, we are thrilled we will be able to partner in this new region with churches that currently don't have access to a broadcast facility."

For over 30 years, the Blounts have operated broadcasting businesses in order to better serve the New England area with a Christian-Talk format. To learn more about Blount Communications Group, please go to