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Don't Miss Early Bird Rates for NRB 2020; Register by Nov. 15!

The early bird special rates for the NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, expire in less than a month — at 11:59 ET on November 15, to be exact.


President Trump Addresses Values Voter Summit 2019; Andrew Brunson Honored

President Donald Trump addressed the Family Research Council’s (FRC) 14th annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., last week, marking his fourth trip to the summit, including in 2017, when he became the first sitting president to attend.


2019 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP): Sunday, Nov. 3

On Sunday, November 3, Christ followers around the world will recognize the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) – a global prayer movement for Christians who boldly witness for Christ at any cost in nations where Christianity is not welcomed.


Salem Radio Network to Broadcast 2020 Presidential, Vice Presidential Debates

Salem Radio Network’s 24/7 news services SRN News and Townhall News recently announced that they will provide live broadcast coverage of the 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential debates in cooperation with the Commission on Presidential Debates.


Andrew Palau, 405 Churches Reach 37,000+ Through CityFest Campaign in East Texas

After years of preparation and prayer, thousands of followers of Jesus and hundreds of churches throughout East Texas came together earlier this month for CityFest East Texas with Andrew Palau, culminating in a free, two-day, evangelistic festival at The Square in downtown Tyler.


Transgender Rights: Redefining the Job of Courts?

Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments in R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes, Inc. v. EEOC, a case where a Christian funeral home was sued after it had terminated its male funeral director, the prominent face of the establishment to the public, after he “transitioned” to a female identity and adopted female attire – something that conflicted with the owner’s orthodox view that gender is a God-given, biological attribute. The funeral home’s Biblical beliefs were well known and had been publicized on its website.


David Jeremiah’s Turning Point Ministries Launches Digital Series for College Students, Young Adults

Turning Point Ministries recently announced the launch of its newest brand, Passages, a fast-paced digital series hosted by David Todd Jeremiah, the grandson of Turning Point’s Founder and CEO, Dr. David Jeremiah.


Here Come the Free Speech Punishers

Members on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee recently suggested that a number of nonprofit groups – including some organizations that are members of NRB – should have their tax-exempt status revoked. The reason? Democrat committee members complain that such groups, primarily conservative or Christian policy-oriented non-profits, are “hate groups.” They apparently are borrowing from the stunningly flawed and debunked “hate group list” propagated by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).


NRB 2020 Exhibit Space Available! Get Yours Now!

Want to place your company or ministry in front of thousands of decision-makers in an ever-growing industry? Then consider exhibiting at the NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention.


Draw Attention at NRB 2020! Sponsorship, Promotional Opportunities Available

NRB's annual Christian Media Convention represents the world’s largest gathering of Christian communicators and offers organizations unique opportunities to reach thousands of media and ministry professionals.



NRB Press Releases

Religious Rights Hidden but Not Forgotten in Supreme Court Arguments

Religious liberty issues were hidden in plain sight this week during U.S. Supreme Court arguments involving a case where a Christian funeral home had terminated its male funeral director when he “transitioned” to a female identity.


NRB's John Milton Project Amens Senators' Letter on Facebook Censorship

Four U.S. Senators have signed a scathing letter to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg stating that, “Yet again, Facebook’s pattern of censorship has reared its ugly head.”


Thorny Issues of Religious Liberty Addressed at the Press Club

The three-way conversation yesterday at the National Press Club with two civil rights lawyers – one an Evangelical Christian and the other a Muslim – who were also joined by a national journalist, didn’t solve all the many knotty issues of religious liberty in America. But at the NRB-hosted event there were many points of agreement.


Senator Ted Cruz Honored with NRB's 2019 Faith & Freedom Award

NRB presented its 2019 Faith & Freedom Award to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday, September 10, during the NRB President’s Council Summit on Capitol Hill.


Religious Rights in an Age of Wrongs

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. in the National Press Club’s Zenger Room in Washington, D.C., there will be a unique three-way conversation between a career national journalist and two civil liberty attorneys – one a Muslim, the other an Evangelical Christian. Civil liberties attorney and General Counsel for NRB, Craig Parshall, will be launching the discussion with Muslim religious rights attorney and scholar Asma Uddin, the author of the recently released When Islam Is Not a Religion, joined by national journalist and media veteran Steven Waldman, whose most recent book is Sacred Liberty – America’s Long, Bloody, and Ongoing Struggle for Religious Freedom. Parshall calls this event “a unique window into the blunt, controversial questions that most divide America’s religious communities when it comes to civil rights and public responsibilities, as well as an exploration into what could also unite us.”


Supreme Court Gives Life to Christian Funeral Home Case

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided to take up a case involving a Christian funeral home’s objection to a key employee’s decision to “transition” to a different sex. It brings us one step closer to a definitive ruling on the future rights of faith-based businesses and ministries, according to National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).


This Law Renders the Faithful Defenseless

A bill called the Do No Harm Act, winding its way through Congress, could deal a major blow to religious liberty, according National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).


NRB's Voice Heard in FCC's TV Order

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) applauds the proposed decision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to modernize and simplify current regulations regarding children’s television programming.


Big Tech Law is a Bold Start

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), through its internet free speech arm, praises Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) for his boldness in addressing the problem of viewpoint suppression on the internet platforms of technology giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.


FCC Decision on Robocall Blocking is 'First Antidote'

The decision today of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to permit telephone carriers to block robocalls, “spoofing,” and phone scams is an excellent first start, according to National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).



Michael Tedesco New GM Of Portland’s WAY-FM

Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Parker has announced that Michael Tedesco has been named WAY-FM/Portland General Manager.

CWA Calls on Congress to Renew STELAR

The Communications Workers of America has told Congress it should renew the STELAR law that gives satellite carriers...

Algeria shuts down 3 churches days after Christians hold sit-in protest

Christians in north-central Algeria were kicked out of their churches Wednesday by police...

China Destroys Megachurch As Crackdown Continues

Authorities in eastern China have destroyed a megachurch and detained its pastors this weekend in an “escalation of religious persecution...

The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s autonomy

At issue is whether the bureau’s director has too much protection from being fired by the president.

FCC to amend tariffing rules and expedite 800 MHz band reconfiguration

Specifically, the FCC will consider an Order on Reconsideration, which, according to the Commission, would ensure...

FCC approves controversial T-Mobile-Sprint merge

The merger was approved by the Department of Justice in July, under the conditions that Sprint sells its subsidiary Boost Mobile...

Revealed: how TikTok censors videos that do not please Beijing

TikTok, the popular Chinese-owned social network, instructs its moderators to censor videos that mention Tiananmen Square, Tibetan independence...

Compliance Grows in Importance

Government regulation isn’t going away. Neither are legal battles over everything from proof of advertising to equal treatment and FCC programming requirements.

Evangelist Andrew Palau Joins 405 Churches in East Texas to Host CityFest

Hosted by 405 churches, businesses, and nonprofits, this year-long, region-wide campaign has been focused on serving the region and proclaiming...

FCC’s O’Rielly Vows To Take Payola Inquiry Directly To Record Labels

After receiving what he calls an “underwhelming” response from the Recording Industry Association of America...


Supreme Court to Decide if Transgender Rights Prevail Over Christian-Based Businesses

The US Supreme Court announced on Tuesday it will take up the case involving a Michigan Christian funeral home's objection...

'People Are Afraid': New Effort Aims to Stop Violent Attacks on US Churches and Houses of Worship

A significant portion of the day was dedicated to the important role media play, especially Christian media.

FCC to permit telephone carriers to block robocalls

The Thursday, June 6 decision of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to permit telephone carriers to block robocalls...

What Happens When Christian Movies Go Mainstream?

On March 27, Jon Erwin took the stage at Proclaim 19, this year’s National Religious Broadcasters convention in Anaheim, California...

Equality Act – a 'wrecking ball' on religious liberty

The Equality Act continues to draw strong criticism and warnings from advocates of traditional and biblical values

Facebook executive urges churches to leverage social media for the Gospel

“God wants to do something new with social technology that we’ve never comprehended before,” Nona Jones...

'Equality Act' also threatens school curriculum, says group

Passage of the Equality Act (H.R. 5) – according to groups like the National Religious Broadcasters...

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