President's Council    

  President's Council

The NRB President’s Council comprises visionary NRB Members who express their commitment to the work of the association through additional commitments of time, support, and financial resources. President’s Council members understand the importance of NRB’s engagement in the legislative, legal, and regulatory processes centered in Washington, D.C., recognizing that these efforts are crucial in the battle to keep the doors of electronic media open for the spread of the Gospel. Through participation in special events in Washington, D.C., President’s Council members serve as influential ambassadors for NRB as they interact with political leaders and others with positions of significant influence and authority in our nation’s capital.

NRB partners with like-minded legal firms that advocate legal policies that advance Christian broadcasting freedoms through Amicus Curiae ("friend of the court") briefs in pending litigation, and similar filings. This group of legal experts is available for referral to President's Council Members.

In short, President’s Council members are a select group of strategic partners whose generous support and dedicated efforts enable NRB to preserve and expand the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both in the United States and around the world.

The NRB President's Council:

  • Serves as an advisory board for the association

  • Draws upon the breadth of experience from our membership

  • Lays a foundation for the future of Christian media.

  • Gives opinions and feedback on the direction of the association

  • Functions as a sounding board for future NRB initiatives

The Focus:

  • Keeping the doors of electronic media open for the spread of the Gospel
  • Opening new doors of opportunity to reach the world for Christ in our generation.
  • Securing our freedom to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The annual contributions to the President's Council help advance a three-fold strategy:

  • To advance the interests of Christian broadcasters and communicators in the legislative, legal, and regulatory forums of Washington, D.C.
  • To capitalize on emerging opportunities to advance the cause of Christ through all electronic media
  • To strengthen vital relationships with men and women in positions of influence and authority in our nation's capital

NRB President’s Council Summit

Members of the President’s Council are invited to attend the NRB President’s Council Summit in Washington, D.C., each fall. During this exciting three-day event, President’s Council members gain an insider’s perspective of our nation’s capital.

For more information about the NRB President’s Council, including how to get your invitation to the 2020 President’s Council Summit, please email 

President's Council Reception

President's Council members receive a special invitation to attend the President's Council Reception held during the annual Convention.

President’s Council Member Testimonials

“The President’s Council is a ‘must’ for all members of the NRB who see the need for involvement with the federal government, which is so engaged with what broadcasters do now and intend to do in the future.”  
- Michael D. Little, Principle Representative to Israel, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

Current Members include:

Brian Albrecht, Global Outreach Mission, Inc.

Darlene Ankerberg, The John Ankerberg Show

Douglas Batchelor, Amazing Facts Ministries

Jim Bolthouse, Presidential Prayer Team

Richard Bott, Bott Radio Network

Phillip Bowen, In Touch Ministries

Peggy Campbell, Ambassador Advertising Agency

Laurie Cardoza Moore, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

Steve Dick, Inspiration Cruises & Tours

Steve Douglass, Cru

Jay Flowers, Grace to You

Debra Fraser, Total Living Network

Tom Hayes, Insight for Living Ministries

Margaret Huber, WBPH-TV Philadelphia

Mark Jenkins, Words of Victory

Roger Lonnquist, Your Network of Praise

Erwin Lutzer, The Moody Church

Barry Meguiar, Revival Outside the Walls

Troy Miller, NRBTV

Miriam Neff, Widow Connection, Inc.

Janet Parshall, In the Market with Janet Parshall

Gordon Robertson, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

Jamey Schmitz, WLMB-TV 40 Toledo

Tore Stautland, Zoomer Media

Cynthia Swindoll, Insight for Living Ministries

Frank Wright, D. James Kennedy Ministries

For information about how to join the President's Council, email, or use this form to submit your inquiry: