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Stephen Davey is Senior Pastor of Colonial Baptist Church, President of Shepherds Theological Seminary, and principal Bible teacher for the Wisdom for the Heart broadcasts. Following graduation from Dallas Theological Seminary, the Daveys moved to Cary, North Carolina, in 1986 to plant Colonial.  Stephen’s commitment to Bible exposition resonated with hungry hearts, and today, as they celebrate 25 years of ministry, three Sunday morning worship services currently accommodate 2,800 families who call Colonial home. His sermons, produced and aired through Wisdom for the Heart, are heard on five continents and are presently translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Swahili. Dr. Davey also teaches pastoral theology at the fully accredited Shepherds Seminary located on the beautiful campus of Colonial. Married thirty years, Stephen and his wife Marsha have been blessed with four children: twin sons Benjamin and Seth; daughters Candace and Charity.

Dr. Stephen Davey
Senior Pastor
Colonial Baptist Church

Wisdom for the Heart is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2011. It is an international Bible-teaching ministry based on the sermons of Dr. Stephen Davey, founding pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina. It encompasses both audio and print media, and a full listing of products is available on the website. Archived broadcasts are also accessible on Wisdom’s site.

Thanks to partnerships with the Bible Broadcasting Network and Trans World Radio, the weekday radio broadcast, Wisdom for the Heart, is heard throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Micronesia, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. The messages are currently translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Swahili for the international audience.

A hallmark of this radio ministry is taking listeners through the Bible book-by-book, verse-by-verse, sometimes word-by-word! Stephen encourages believers to live holy lives for the Lord Jesus Christ through the timeless, timely, life-changing Word of God.