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Wayne Shepherd
Founder and President

Wayne Shepherd Communications, LLC, began in 2007, but Wayne's experience as a radio broadcaster spans 40 years.  As a freelance radio host, interviewer, VO artist, producer, programmer, and consultant, Wayne serves a number of ministries, including Walk in the Word with James MacDonald, Parenting Today's Teens with Mark Gregston, The Public Square with David Zanotti, Winning Walk with Ed Young, and Know the Truth with Philip De Courcy.  In addition to hosting syndicated radio shows, Wayne has hosted countless live and pre-produced radio specials and projects.  

In 2010, because of his strong interest in one-on-one, broadcast interviews, Wayne launched First Person, a 24-minute, weekly program.  Featuring well-known Christian leaders as well as “ordinary” people, First Person highlights stories of God’s faithfulness and calling in the lives of people who are surrendered to the Lord.  More information about First Person can be found at

Starting his broadcast career at Cedarville University and radio station WCDR, Wayne later served at Moody Broadcasting in Chicago for nearly 33 years where, as Broadcast Program Manager, he led the team that created the full service Moody Broadcasting Network, pioneering the creation of satellite-fed programming and news to hundreds of radio stations.

Today, Wayne Shepherd Communications is able to assist ministries in producing high-quality radio and audio presentations, reaching even more listeners and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel message into all aspects of life today.