Travel with Spirit.jpg     Travel with Spirit

Honnie Korngold
Executive Producer/Host

Ask any Christian to define faith-based travel and the answer you’ll receive most often is “a trip to the Holy Land or a mission trip”.  While that has been true in the past, over the last few years, the face of faith-based travel has changed dramatically.  It no longer represents only travel to destinations such as Israel or the mission field, but a multi-faceted travel experience.

Faith-based travel is now one of the fastest-growing segments in travel. A study by the Travel Industry Association of America found one in four surveyed indicated they are currently interested in taking a “spiritual vacation”.  Many Christians now define an "all-inclusive" vacation as one that incorporates an emphasis on faith.

It is for these reasons that Travel Network Group launched the Travel with Spirit television series in 2009.  In its fourth season, Travel with Spirit features inspirational travel destinations, events and attractions from throughout the world that seek to bring the Bible and the Christian traveler's faith alive.

Host Honnie Korngold explores traditional Christian travel experiences such as the Holy Land, missions, Christian cruises, retreats and conferences combined with vacations, as well as travel to destinations and attractions that combine spiritual enrichment with rest, relaxation or adventure. Travel with Spirit also features what ministries are doing to incorporate travel into their initiatives to help them achieve ministry objectives such as outreach, evangelism, missions, fundraising, discipleship training and fellowship.  

Christian travel is certainly not a new concept so why the sudden surge of growth?  It seems lectures or travelogues don’t quite cut it with the new generation of travelers.  Boomers don’t want to be told about their faith; they want to experience it for themselves.  They want to explore where Jesus was baptized, walk where Paul preached or see the country where they have supported missionaries for years. This new generation is seeking to explore the world, experience different cultures and make an impact on future generations. Most importantly, they are looking to bring their faith and the Bible alive through their travels.  Travel with Spirit seeks to expose the traveler to a whole new world of travel possibilities with purpose.