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Dr. Richard Lee
Founder and President

There’s Hope Ministries, located in metropolitan Atlanta, with founder and president Dr. Richard Lee, is comprised of four ministries, each with their own mission and purpose.   

First, the broadcast ministry, There’s Hope America, is now entering its 26th year bringing the message of the gospel and calling America back to her godly foundations through the means of television, radio, Internet and print.

The ministry is also home for the There’s Hope for the Hungry food program which fed a total of 79,583 needy people in 2009.  Of those, 1,877 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  Each weekday trucks deliver boxed food to various locations in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.  Last year saw 480,440 lbs. of food delivered at no charge to individuals and families.  As food is distributed, teams of trained counselors provide guidance and prayer for each man, woman and family.

This past year There’s Hope’s Whispering Hope Women’s Resource and Pregnancy Center saw 95 new babies born as a result of mothers choosing life as opposed to abortion.  The women are taken from the pregnancy testing, ultrasound and prenatal care to the birth of the baby by experienced doctors and nurses through the center. Whispering Hope also helps prepare these women for supporting their family with training classes, GED classes, Bible study, parenting classes, clothes, food, diapers, nursery items and assistance in housing if needed for up to 18 months.  In 2009, 1,355 young women were able to go through these programs taking the first step in creating a happy and healthy home.

For the past six years There’s Hope has led a unique ministry directed to the American soldier. shares the message of hope to soldiers that come through the Atlanta airport on their way to Iraq and Afghanistan.  In partnership with chaplains, PrayerWatch was able to provide over 8,000 Bibles through the airport chapels to military personnel in 2009.  Through a special website,, each day thousands are prayed for by name by those who come to the website.  These soldiers are then sent a personal e-mail letting them know that someone remembered them, by name, in prayer that day.  

Even in the midst of difficult economy, There's Hope has continued to fulfill its God appointed mission to bring the hand and heart of hope to those who are hurting.