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Recipients of media players as part of the Radios for India program.

Don Shenk

For 65 years The Tide radio programs have been changing lives by telling people about Jesus in the language they were born to speak. Founded in 1946 as the Gospel Tide Broadcasting Association, The Tide ministry has transitioned from a domestic radio program to a versatile multi-national outreach focusing on the under-reached regions of the world. Through radio broadcasts in 14 heart languages, featuring pastors preaching a culturally relevant Gospel in each country’s own language and augmented by The Tide Radios for India and Radios for Nigeria projects, thousands of lost people are coming to know Christ. Driven by a sense of urgency to rescue the world from false teachings and pagan religious practices, The Tide board of directors has set an aggressive goal to introduce evangelistic radio programs in 15 additional languages by the year 2015!

The Tide outreach to listeners includes discipleship seminars, literature distribution, Bible correspondence courses, and leadership training. This combination of ministry elements has proven to be extremely effective in changing lives and planting churches where believers are nurtured in their faith so that whole communities are drawn into the Kingdom of God.

Much of the success of The Tide ministry hinges on developing genuine relationships with community leaders and villagers through supportive partnerships with indigenous pastors. One of many moving stories is about The Tide radio project providing just one radio to a missionary in India. From this, the missionary started three church plants. These churches have grown into thriving congregations of formerly unchurched people!

In some areas of India and Nigeria entire communities gather around one radio to listen to the Gospel. In one region in India over 3,000 people have joined The Tide listening groups, and approximately 500 of these have already converted to Christianity. Many generous donors have made possible the gift of a radio - just $40 - so that whole communities can listen to The Tide programs in their heart language.

The Tide Global Update is a 60 second weekly radio program aired on 338 stations across the U.S., featuring inspiring real testimonies from The Tide listeners who have found freedom from spiritual bondage. These testimonies are voiced by real people from those same regions (not actors), making The Tide’s short form radio program an authentic and valuable means of joining the hearts of radio listeners in the United States with those in Africa and South Asia.