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Disaster Response

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Dr. J. Doug Stringer

Somebody Cares America/International equips, encourages and empowers Christians to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build God’s kingdom through unified evangelism, compassion and prayer initiatives. Somebody Cares began in Houston in 1981 when a simple business card reading, “Somebody Cares, call 24 hours a day,” was distributed by founder Doug Stringer and others as they ministered to the lost on the streets of Houston. This led to unified prayer, compassion and evangelism efforts in Houston and the first chapter was formed in 1994.  Other chapters around the country quickly followed, as well as several international chapters.

Our network of partnering churches and ministries crosses racial and denominational lines to be a true representation of the Body of Christ.  With chapters and centers across the country and around the globe, we work together to see our communities transformed through the power of God.  Somebody Cares offers practical help for reaching communities as well as special programming that can be aired to coincide with ministry outreach.   During times of disaster, Somebody Cares provides relief; and works towards the recovery of families and communities, alongside local churches and ministries.  We offer training for church and ministry leadership in Disaster Response Preparedness so more Christians are ready to respond effectively when disaster strikes again.  We have also developed a Christ-based, church-based manual titled “Are You Prepared for the Next Disaster?” to help churches and organizations walk through the steps for preparedness and response.