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Todd Isberner in the studio

Todd Isberner
Co-Founder and President

The “Sharathon” was the newest thing in broadcast fundraising  when ShareMedia got started.  That was all the way back in 1975.

Since then, ShareMedia has produced more than 3,000 radio broadcasts featuring their own special brand of this fundraising concept.  ShareMedia’s events have raised over $1 billion for their non-profit clients.

At their core, ShareMedia has set the standard for radio broadcast fundraising because of their unmatched coaching, hosting and production expertise.  Plus, by creating effective partnerships between radio stations and leading ministries, ShareMedia helps engage listeners throughout the year with opportunities for involvement.

ShareMedia recognizes that listening audiences change.  So, over their three decades of working with radio ministries, they’ve developed a feature set of media services adapted specifically for the changing culture and demographic of Christian radio listeners.

ShareMedia co-founder and President Todd Isberner says, “As a team, ShareMedia is passionate about Christian Radio.  We represent many decades of 'hands-on' experience in broadcasting, and we are thankful for the opportunity to use our expertise to help Christian Radio and ministries reach more people for Jesus Christ.  It’s a privilege to serve our clients, and we do our best to treat them not as 'customers,' but as family.”

ShareMedia partners with radio ministries to maximize resources and increase impact, including guiding clients through the following essential areas...

• Strategic planning
• On-air fundraising event planning and production
• On-air talent hosting and coaching
• Creation of an integrated multi-channel communication strategy
• Donor development and management
• Ministry partnership strategies
• Media buying
• Year-round fundraising events production and coordination
• Marketing communications
• Creative services
• Research

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