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(L-R): Andrey Nekrasov, Lena Sakayeva, Olga Griffin and Andrey Lazarev displaying the NRB International Radio Ministry Award that the Russian Christian Radio Center received in 2010.

Rev. Andrey Nekrasov
General Manager

Russian Christian Radio Center (RCRC) was established in January of 2002 in order to work with American churches and individuals wishing to support the radio ministry in Russia called "Radio Center, Moscow." This Christian radio station has been on the air since 1992.

In 2006, they started broadcasting Christian radio programs in both the Russian and Ukrainian languages to reach the five million Slavs in the United States. The US program Bridge between Christians and Jews is on the air in Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Portland, OR; New Jersey and Brooklyn, NY; and worldwide on the Internet.

Their newest project, started last year, is "Slavic Listeners of all countries, Stay in touch!". The goal of this project is to gather the best Christian programs in Russian, Ukrainian and “Special English” languages. These programs unite listeners from various countries like a “bridge of friendship, love and mutual understanding”. Christians can share their problems, experiences, hopes and dreams, using phone calls, SMS, Skype and other modern forms of communication. For example, listeners from Ukraine could ask questions of an American radio host and Israeli listeners. This program concept has worked and RCRC has now begun a broadcast “open” to everyone.

Right now, the station offers Christian programming for families and children, as well as educational and news programs. Our goal is to constantly fill our station with the most interesting and best Christian programming. We invite everyone to help us unite the Slavic listeners of various countries. Our station is available from any place on the planet, from every computer, iPhone or iPad through the website.