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Richard & Kathy McDonald

Over five million souls perished in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a result of constant warfare. As mortars were fired across Lake Kivu from Rwanda, Radio Kahuzi was in the direct line of fire.

Death from disease and starvation continue to the present day. Rape and mutilation as a weapon of war is used on fellow believers in Christ along with the unsaved.

Under these horrific circumstances God has placed Radio Kahuzi as a voice of reconciliation and peace through the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Radio Kahuzi began broadcasting on Christmas Eve of 1991 with "Adventures in Odyssey" and beautiful Christmas music. Today, they are broadcasting in fourteen dialects/languages on FM and shortwave to a population of 71 million in the Democratic Republic of Congo along with reports received from Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

On March 1, 2010, the National Religious Broadcasters awarded missionaries Richard and Kathy McDonald the association's prestigious International Impact Award.

On the same day HCJB Global honored them with their "Timothy Award" in recognition of establishing the first of over 300 HCJB radio plants around the world.

The inspiring "McDonald Story" involving their personal sacrifice and dedication to missionary radio is captured by the voice of David Aldous of London.

Day-to-day events at Radio Kahuzi as experienced by Richard and Kathy McDonald can be accessed on their blog.

If you would like to partner with Radio Kahuzi to help expand their "tent cords" and reach Central Africa for Christ go to their website.