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May 24th
Are people or nations ever too far gone to be saved? The Bible tells us no; the Holy Spirit can change hearts and minds! Kay Arthur offers hope to those who feel so weighed down by sin, they can’t see any way out. Join us for more of a series calle…
May 23rd
The truth often hurts, especially for unbelievers. They just don’t want to hear about God’s standards. Kay Arthur encourages us to preach the truth in love nonetheless.
May 22nd
God simply must judge sin. His holiness demands it! Jeremiah warned the people of Judah, but they wouldn’t believe him. Kay Arthur discusses the justice of our Lord, as she presents more of a series called, “Return to Me.”
May 19th
A righteous and holy God must judge sin. But he also provided for our sin when His Son was nailed to the Cross. Kay Arthur covers judgment and restoration, as she again takes us to the book of Jeremiah for more of a series called, “Return to Me.&rd…
May 18th
The recession we’ve faced has wreaked havoc on many. But rather than lose hope, we are called by God to lift up our eyes toward Him. Kay Arthur looks at God’s sanctuary for Sabbath rest, as she presents more of a series in Jeremiah.
Kay Arthur
Co-Founder and CEO

One couple—Jack and Kay Arthur—with one passion—to establish people in God’s Word—has stayed true to their mission and God has used them in extraordinary ways! Over the past four decades, Precept Ministries International has grown from a few young people meeting in the Arthurs’ kitchen to an international organization, ministering to millions around the world.

Inductive Bible Study materials are now available in nearly 70 languages. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, teens and children in close to 150 countries discover Truth for themselves using the Inductive Bible Study Method.  

In 2007 God called David Arthur, Jack’s and Kay’s son and a gifted and passionate teacher, to join Precept. David is the Executive Vice President of Leadership Development with a passion to equip people around the globe to “accurately handle the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

Jack, Kay, and David have launched the exciting initiative, "Answering the Call."  They are following God’s call to the Great Commission to mobilize believers around the world to use their spiritual gifts and skills to make disciples and reach 10 million more people with Inductive Bible Study over the next five years.

Through Bible Study Training Workshops, Conferences, Tours, and the Media, Precept Ministries International continues to help transform the lives of countless people, teaching the life-changing skills of studying God’s Word inductively.

Kay Arthur was awarded the prestigious NRB Hall of Fame Award at the 2011 NRB Convention & Exposition. “Kay Arthur’s paramount concern is for the sheep to follow the Good Shepherd,” said NRB President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright. “Kay and Jack have dedicated four decades to equip Christians with the tools necessary to mine the Scriptures on their own.”

Precepts for Life, hosted by Kay Arthur, is a daily television, radio, and online program which takes the student through the Bible book-by-book, verse-by-verse using the Inductive Bible Study Method. Precept’s 30-minute program broadcasts to over 75 million households around the globe. Precepts for Life was voted Best Television Teaching Program for 2004 and 2009 by the National Religious Broadcasters.

Jack and Kay believe the greatest outreach of Precept Ministries International is yet ahead. In light of these critical days, Precept is more passionate than ever to establish people in God’s Word. They are so thankful that God uses ordinary people to carry out extraordinary work for His Kingdom.