Pillar of Fire

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Denver's KPOF in 1928


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Denver's AM91 today


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Dr. Robert B. Dallenbach
Network Coordinator

The ministry of Pillar of Fire is one of the legendary broadcast ministries in the country.  The first station, KPOF, started broadcasting on March 9, 1928 in Denver, Colorado.  Early broadcasts were mostly live, faithfully proclaiming the Gospel through the years.  The network--KPOF (Denver, CO); WAWZ (Zarephath, NJ); and WAKW (Cincinnati, OH)--is now leading in technical excellence and up-to-date formatics.


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KPOF (Denver, CO)

KPOF Radio Denver was the first of three stations in the Pillar of Fire Network, with a modest 500-watt transmitter that could be heard from Ohio to California.  Improvements continued through the years, maintaining a strong presence in the Denver market.  In 2002 KPOF was rebranded as AM 91, The Point of Faith, with a new format of light contemporary and praise music hosted live by a staff of well known local announcers, focused on serving the local Denver community. A new solid-state transmitter, along with digital studios, were installed.  Then in February 2004, AM 91 became the first station in Colorado to pioneer the digital HD-Radio.

Technology and methodology have changed over the past 82 years but the purpose and passion have not.  Ray B. White, the visionary of KPOF, said in 1928, "KPOF is dedicated to God, to the Bible, to Education, to Patriotism. to all that is dear to you, your home, your country."  Jack Pelon, a long time active NRB member, currently manages AM 91 The Point of Faith (http://www.am91.org/).

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WAWZ (Zaraphath, NJ)

WAWZ (Zaraphath, NJ) was signed on the air March 15, 1931 by Alma White, founder of the Pillar of Fire. The ministry brought its Holy-Spirit driven teaching and music programming to FM in 1954. In 2003, WAWZ FM 99.1 adopted the name “STAR 99.1,” featuring an interactive mix of contemporary Christian music and local, award-winning personalities. In 2006, WAWZ launched 99.1 HD-2, featuring talk & teaching, and in 2007, 99.1 HD-3 was launched with a teen-focused Christian music format. 

The mission of STAR 99.1 is to “connect with the hearts of radio listeners in the New York metropolitan area and invite them into the greater story of God.” As the only station on the NY radio dial playing contemporary Christian music all-day, every-day, STAR 99.1 serves our large and loyal audience with purpose and passion in true “Big Apple” style. As an NAB Crystal Award winner and multiple NRB “Station of the Year” recipient STAR 99.1 is committed to impact through websites (www.star991fm.com; www.991hd2.com; www.991hd3.com), audio streaming and pod-casts, blogs and social media.  The dedicated team at STAR 99.1, managed by Scott Taylor, is fully committed to reaching this generation for Christ.

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WAKW (Cincinnati, OH)

For almost 50 years, WAKW has offered programming to the greater Cincinnati area that mixes uplifting and encouraging Christian music with the very best in teaching.  WAKW, now known as STAR 93.3, is currently the most listened-to Contemporary Christian station in the Cincinnati market.  Station Manager Art Garza reports that during this past Christmas season, more than 300,000 people listened to STAR 93.3, with over 150,000 people listening for the very first time!  STAR 93.3 was able to spread Christmas cheer AND proclaim the reason for the season, our Savior!  For more information about STAR 93.3, you can visit their website: http://www.mystar933.com.
Dr. Robert B. Dallenbach, Network Coordinator, is a well respected leader in the Christian radio community and states that the Pillar of Fire radio network continues to press forward for the cause of Christ, using every available opportunity that the Lord provides.