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Robb Hansen

Next Level Insights serves the Christian broadcast community as a media production and consulting agency.  Their team includes voice talent, writing, and engineering capabilities.  Unlocking the Bible with Colin Smith, from the Chicago area, is a featured client.  Established in 2003, Next Level Insights is dedicated to helping organizations and ministries get to the next level by providing assistance in strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, and communications.  The agency’s focus is on the small to medium-sized client.  Through their team of networked professionals they can deliver quality radio program production (long form and short form), website development, and print resources.  

They recognize the value of strategic planning linked with practical implementation.  The best working relationships for Next Level Insights are those where their team becomes an out-sourced department for the organization.  Ministries know best what they want to accomplish.  Next Level Insights often knows best how to get the job done efficiently and quickly: their goal is to stretch scarce dollars further, doing more work of higher quality in less time.