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Dr. Ted Baehr
Founder and Chairman

As the Surgeon General and the findings of countless scientific studies have confirmed, the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry shapes our culture. Rather than curse the darkness, we can light a candle by helping entertainment industry leaders understand the moral and spiritual dimensions of life, including the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry (CFTVC), which also does business as MOVIEGUIDE®: The Biblical Guide to Movies, Entertainment and Culture, is a high-impact, strategic, cost-effective way to do just that. For more than two decades, it has inspired and encouraged entertainment leaders to increase the number and quality of movies with explicit Christian, redemptive, faith-based themes and content.

Over the years, this ministry (founded by Dr. Ted Baehr) has built up many strong contacts throughout the entertainment industry. Its Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry is one of the most anticipated, most effective annual events in Hollywood. Through this and other activities, we have had the biggest impact of any other advocacy group on the entertainment industry.

In fact, since the beginning of this ministry in 1985, the number of movies with explicit redemptive, Christian content and themes has increased 4,700 percent or more! This is definitely not true of other kinds of movies, including movies with R-rated and other offensive content, which have seen their market share decrease significantly, especially in comparison.

Just as important, if not more so, parents and grandparents, including Christian parents and grandparents, know they can trust CFTVC and MOVIEGUIDE® to deliver profound, useful advice on how to protect children from the negative effects of the mass media.

The strategic impact and cost effectiveness of this ministry, including the Annual Awards Gala, is quite striking. It cannot be refuted.