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Adrian Rogers, Founder
(1931 - 2005)

Love Worth Finding Ministries has been inviting people to “Come to Jesus” for over 22 years. Pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers explained how it all started in 1987. "People were requesting tapes of the messages, and soon the requests began to grow to the point that we knew God was leading us into a wider ministry." Although Dr. Rogers has joined the “great cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews 12, he always maintained that the ministry was not about Adrian Rogers, but about Jesus Christ. Though the messenger may be gone, the message must continue.

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Bill Skelton
President & CEO

Under the leadership of President/CEO Bill Skelton, Love Worth Finding (LWF) has continued the legacy of Adrian Rogers in the mission of bringing people to Christ and maturing them in the faith. Bill responded to the challenge, commenting: “I am overwhelmed with the precious privilege that has been given to us, but at the same time I sense the tremendous responsibility as we handle those things that Adrian held so dearly and preached with such conviction and compassion.”

While mission has never changed, the method has. Love Worth Finding Ministries expanded their international outreach in 1997 when they launched the Spanish language broadcast, “El Amor Que Vale.” Today, the LWF broadcast is on more radio and television stations than it was even three years ago. And their global Internet outreach ( reaches an audience that could only have been imagined 13 years ago. In fact, with the exception of eight countries, someone from every nation in the world has visited LWF’s website! To God be the glory for the harvest.

Today, a greater opportunity to extend the legacy of Adrian Rogers presents itself in an exciting and fitting way. Love Worth Finding is pleased to announce the release of The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible. In this unique publication, the illumination, illustrations, alliterations, and applications of Adrian Rogers have been placed alongside Scripture, allowing every page to move hearts to respond. This work speaks not only of the legacy of the man, but more importantly, of the glory of his Master.

Bill Skelton notes: “The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible has been a work of love for nearly two years. We hope everyone will treasure this exceptional Bible and will be encouraged and blessed by the Word of God and the words of Adrian Rogers.”

NRB and Love Worth Finding Ministries also enjoy a special partnership. Bill Skelton serves on the founding Board of the NRB Network, and is currently serving his second term as Chairman of the Board of NRB. In addition, Love Worth Finding Ministries has been proudly recognized through the years by NRB for excellence in media, receiving awards for “Radio Program of the Year,” “Television Program of the Year,” and “Ministry of the Year.” In 2006, Adrian Rogers received NRB’s highest honor when he was inducted into the “NRB Hall of Fame.”