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James Robison
Founder & President

It’s always inspiring to see God use people in profound ways, especially those who have faced difficult challenges as a child. Such is the case with James Robison. He was born in 1943 in the charity ward of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Houston, Texas—the result of a forced sexual relationship. Despite his dysfunctional beginning, his life would be filled with hope.

At age 15, James committed his life to Christ and began to sense God’s call to full-time ministry. By the time he was 18, he was preaching to large groups, and doors quickly opened for him to hold crusades in stadiums and arenas nationwide. During his days of evangelistic ministry, more than 20 million people attended his meetings, with more than 2 million decisions for Christ.

In 1992, the Fort Worth-based organization shifted its focus, dropped the name “James Robison Evangelistic Association” and began ministering as “LIFE Outreach International.”  The television ministry expanded from a preaching-only program to include a talk show format and LIFE Today was launched, hosted by James and Betty Robison. By sitting with leaders, artists, authors and “ordinary people,” LIFE Today addresses important issues in a way that relates the Gospel to more people. The daily, half-hour program airs on all major Christian networks, Discovery Channel, ABC Family, and other key stations in markets coast to coast. It can be seen in more than 300 million households covering the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and other select areas around the world.

Through the television program, James and Betty also encourage people to get involved with the needs of others around the world. Whether the issue is providing emergency food relief through Mission Feeding, intervening in human trafficking, caring for orphans, building shelter for the poor, or providing clean drinking water, the outreaches of LIFE make a way for every viewer of LIFE Today to become a part of the solution to human suffering and, by extension, a part of the Great Commission.

The hope that James Robison found as a boy has inspired a lifetime of sharing hope with others. With the unwavering support of his high school sweetheart and wife of almost 50 years, Betty and James have partnered with a dedicated staff at home, missionaries in the field, and viewers around the world to share the life and love of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.