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Liz & Keith Sanderson
Office Manager & Station Manager

KMOC went on the air July 7, 1987, in Wichita Falls, Texas.  From the beginning they have kept the focus of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 

While their message is indeed singular, their vision “To Make Known and Glorify Jesus Christ” through their mission of “Broadcasting the Message of Christ Through Music and Programs” takes many forms.

They air 18 hours of A/C Christian music each day, along with six hours of teaching and preaching programs. Also, they take great pains to be as local as possible in their on-air presentation, with local news, weather, and severe weather coverage taking a top rung of priority.  Station Manager Keith Sanderson says, “If listeners can’t trust us to keep up with the weather, then why would they trust us when it comes to their soul?  While it is true that God—and God alone—saves, it is just as true that He chooses to use imperfect, cracked and leaking vessels to relay His message of The Risen Savior to a lost and dying world.”

Some of the events they take the lead on and host each year include KMOC’s own “Texoma’s Largest Baby Shower” benefitting local pro-life organizations, the “KMOC Kids Coloring Contest,” the “KMOC Minister Appreciation Luncheon” in October, Prison Fellowship Ministries’ “Angel Tree,” a clothing drive for their local homeless shelter, four Blood Drives a year at the studios of KMOC with “Texas Blood Institute,” and numerous other events.  In addition, they provide free public service announcements both on the air and on their community calendar.

Their funding comes from business underwriting, program revenue, and their listeners.  They have a 3½ day Sharathon each October utilizing Rich Hooper of Dallas, a two-day spring fundraising event, an active mailing list, and their newest addition, “Team KMOC.”  Team KMOC is made up of listeners and staff who ride for a per-mile pledged amount in the largest one day endurance cycling event in the United States, The Hotter ‘N’ Hell Hundred, held right here in Wichita Falls.

KMOC has four full time employees:  Station Manager Keith Sanderson, Office Manager Liz Sanderson, Operations Director Tim Roberts, and Administrative Assistant Melissa Conley.  They covet your prayers.