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Hope For The Heart Broadcast
July 21st
Have you been told that you’re worthless … that you’ll never amount to anything? Verbal and emotional abuse tear down our sense of worth and strike at the very core of who we are … crushing our spirits. But you can be rescued from the heartache of abuse. …
July 14th
Every person is born with intrinsic worth and value, but many people don’t know where to find it. Could you be looking in the wrong place? This week on Hope For The Heart, June Hunt presents the true source of our value. It’s time to Discover Your God-Giv…
July 7th
Sexual abuse fractures the soul of a child, and the trauma is multiplied when the abuser is a trusted relative. Innocent victims often suffer in silence, burdened for years by shame and fear. This week on Hope For The Heart, June Hunt brings hope to survi…
June 23rd
Mix two or more people together and what do you get? A montage of personalities, opinions and an environment ripe for conflict. When you feel angry or hurt, do you respond aggressively and accuse, or do you withdraw and avoid? June Hunt leads us down God’…
June 16th
Everyone likes to feel needed and connected, but what happens when that connection becomes an addiction? You may have just stepped into the danger zone of Codependency. June Hunt sheds new light on this common relationship pattern and leads us in a much h…
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June Hunt

HOPE FOR THE HEART, founded by noted author, musician and conference speaker June Hunt, is a leading Dallas-based Christian ministry that provides proven biblical tools used by thousands worldwide to build a foundation of practical answers for life. Through sound biblical counsel, these transforming resources benefit spiritual leaders, professional caregivers, and individuals alike. 

June started the ministry’s first radio program, HOPE FOR THE HEART, in 1986. The program initially aired on just 23 stations across the United States. Now HOPE FOR THE HEART’s 64-member team distributes three different broadcasts, heard on more than 200 outlets internationally. Broadcasts include the 25-minute HOPE FOR THE HEART, as well as HOPE IN THE NIGHT – a live, two-hour call-in counseling program – and the one-minute feature, MOMENT OF HOPE.

Last summer, HOPE FOR THE HEART celebrated an important milestone: the 100th meeting of their Hope Biblical Counseling Institute (BCI). Since its inception in 2002, HOPE BCI’s have equipped nearly 6,000 lay people, counselors and church leaders by providing “biblical answers for issues such as anger and abuse, grief and guilt, depression and hope,” all in a conference setting. In addition to more than nine hours of in-depth teaching on a single topic, each BCI features several recorded call-ins from June’s late-night radio show, giving participants the added benefit of hearing an actual demonstration of June’s counseling principles as she guides the caller through the healing process.

In October of this year, June Hunt hosted the first BCI to be held in the Hope Center, the new home for more than 40 Christian ministries, including HOPE FOR THE HEART. Built by THE HOPE CENTER FOUNDATION on a beautiful, nine-acre campus, the foundation serves to facilitate like-minded nonprofit ministries coming together to share resources and to participate in joint ministry ventures with the aim of more effectively furthering the cause of Christ all around the world. THE HOPE CENTER FOUNDATION’S ultimate goal is to create a setting that promotes synergy, financial stewardship, and global expansion among Christian nonprofit organizations. HOPE FOR THE HEART is privileged to be one among the many ministry partners now based on the new campus.

The HOPE CENTER’S spacious, retreat lodge and campus includes a chapel, worship center, conference center, atrium, Bible museum, cafe bookstore, broadcast studios, call center, health center, print shop and postal center for the tenants. In addition, the conference rooms, integrated telephone system, fulfillment center and offices will be designed to minimize costs as well as maximize cooperation – providing exciting new opportunities for HOPE FOR THE HEART and their ministry partners to work together to expand their life-changing impact around the world.