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Robin Mahfood
President & CEO

Celebrating 28 years of service, Food For The Poor is the largest international relief and develop-
ment organization in the U.S., according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  Food For The Poor received a 5-Star Financial Efficiency rating, the highest pos-
sible score from Ministry Watch, and Food For The Poor meets the Extensive Standards of America's most experienced charity evaluator, the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance.

Food For The Poor operates and supports feeding programs that feed millions of people daily. To accomplish this, they partner with churches, pastors, schools, hospitals, and other charitable organizations.  Food For The Poor provided approximately 27.9 million pounds of food to countless malnourished children and their families in 2009.

Food For The Poor does much more than feed millions of hungry individuals, however. They drill life-giving water wells for those who otherwise wouldn’t have clean drinking water; they provide lifesaving medical care; they build homes for families without adequate shelter; they provide skills training and micro-enterprise opportunities that enable the poor to work; and they give children an education, enabling them to break free from the cycle of poverty that has ensnared generations.

Food For The Poor has been working in Haiti for more than 24 years, and has accelerated that work since the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010, rocked the Caribbean nation.  Six months after the tragedy, Food For The Poor has sent more than $130 million worth of aid to Haiti. They responded immediately and help has flowed continually. To date, they have built 497 two-room homes, completed 45 water projects, and shipped 845 tractor-trailer loads of goods--including 361 of food and water, 35 of medical supplies, and 449 of various relief supplies.