Family_Life_Network.png     Family Life Network

Rick Snavely
President & CEO

Family Life serves and supports families and individuals through Christian radio, the performing arts, and helpful training and resources—all with the purpose of touching lives with the Gospel of Christ.

With nearly 70 radio signals across New York and Pennsylvania, Family Life has a heart to encourage listeners with quality radio shows, teaching programs, and radio drama for families. The network also produces news from a Biblical worldview, including in-depth features and localized weather reporting. 

Family Life has diversified its radio programming with Internet Radio, allowing listeners to access the main station online, and even select from a range of musical formats designed to satisfy newer generations and audiences with specific music preferences.

Stretching beyond the radio network, Family Life brings Christian entertainment to various venues across a two-state listening area. Throughout the year, the ministry plans and hosts live music concerts with well-known Christian artists and performers, in addition to staging three full-scale theatre productions a year.

To continue reaching the world for Christ, Family Life also organizes and offers training events, along with instructive resources, to encourage pastors and ministry leaders in their efforts to build the church and advance the Kingdom of God.