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Dan Busby

For decades, ECFA has long been an active supporter and a member of NRB and the relationship has never been stronger than it is today.  ECFA is also pleased to have over 60 NRB members as ECFA members.

NRB has shared the gifts of former president Dr. Brandt Gustavson and current president Dr. Frank Wright as members of ECFA's Board of Directors.  Other key leaders in the NRB community have served or are serving ECFA in valuable ways, including Michael Little, Lauren Libby and Tim McDermott.  

ECFA continues to have strong growth with over 200 new members in the last two years—the strongest growth in 20 years—and all this in the midst of a national recession.  After 31 years, ECFA’s peer accountability concept has stood the test of time.  While others give points or stars to try to indicate whether one ministry is better than another, ECFA’s pass-fail membership approach is valued by approximately 40 million givers who annually donate to ECFA members.  Today, ECFA has nearly 1,500 members with annual charitable contribution revenue of over $13 billion.

ECFA seeks to assist Christ-centered organizations to fulfill the Great Commission by maintaining standards of accountability that create credibility and integrity for ministries, in order that supporters will increase generosity to win the world for Christ.  It is our privilege to partner with NRB’s media ministry members to accomplish this goal.