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Impact of the Economic Downturn on Ministry Fundraising

Attitudes and Behaviors of Christian Adults Towards Christian Radio

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Rick Dunham
President & CEO

Dunham+Company is a strategic consulting firm that assists Christian organizations in effectively fulfilling God’s call on their particular ministry. They have over 30 years of experience helping Christian ministries in the strategic development and execution of marketing, fundraising, and media strategies.

With operations on three continents, Dunham+Company serves over 40 Christian organizations in eight countries. They work alongside you, to help your organization achieve the desired results in a number of areas, including:

•    Development/refinement of the ministry “brand” to ensure the marketing and fundraising messaging is consistent with the call of God on your ministry

•    Strategic development and integration of all marketing and fundraising efforts, including direct mail, newsletters, online strategies, donor response strategies, conversion series, and collateral development

•    Consultation on major donor development strategies and related support structures

•    In-depth analytics of marketing and fundraising effectiveness (by project/campaign)

•    Creation of donor response strategies, including donation processing audits and process recommendations

•    Radio and television program development, syndication, and support

The goal of Dunham+Company is to help you achieve the highest standard of stewardship, ensuring that whatever money is invested generates the best possible ministry impact and return. Each fundraising strategy is designed to generate maximum net revenue to support programmatic needs.